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Japan Beats US at World Cup. Good For Them!

As an American, and somebody who hates sports with a vigorous passion, this kind of post will make not a whole lot of sense.  However, there is a greater national theme to it that perhaps should be addressed by the modern culture at large.  It is a topic that people in countries like this aren’t aware of enough, and perhaps should be more considerate of when they go about their daily lives.  It is kind of ironic that this is happening and they say Sunday night.  Here in Alaska, Sunday is far from over.  In any case, what has happened Sunday night (where this took place) is that Japan creamed the US at the World Cup after a tie sends them into penalty kicks.

For those who are unaware, Japan has been through a nightmare recently, and the hardest thing about it is that the nightmare isn’t over.  It is still going on.  The devastation continues, and the effects will continue for many months and probably years to come.  It is such a tragic situation that this team had to fight through in order to get to the Finals at the World Cup.  And they did get through it.  They got through the pain and tragedy and pulled a victory off.  It is a good thing that this country, and indeed this world, needs.

Hope is something that all people need to keep close to their hearts.  After the tornado in Joplin, after people had finished grieving, you could see them getting back to it.  They were picking up their lives, trying to rebuild them.  The smell of fresh timber and of new dedication was in the air.  Hope is something that we all need to keep with us, because it is one of the reasons that people continue to work through the tragedy.

And that is exactly what was seen at the World Cup today.  The Japanese team played a fierce game.  It eventually came down to a 2-2 tie at the end of the game, so it went into penalty

“Not one of the players gave up,” said coach Norio Sasaki.  A good thing.  Really, as an American, a lot of people are going to get on the case of this reporter that he is so happy another team won.  Especially when America delivered such a brutal defeat to Brazil just a little bit earlier.  People can get pretty into their sports, can get really hardcore.

The big skit among comedians about the World Cup was those weird horns that people would play.  But the fact is that of any nation that deserves to have something good happen to it right now, really nobody else could say that any country other than Japan deserves.

For full disclosure – this reporter hates sports.  Sports, or rather how much atheletes in this country are paid (It is most assuredly different in other places, but this is talking about America) in this country is obscene.  They are paid a king’s ransom to play a kid’s game, while our teachers are being paid next to nothing.  It is a hopelessly crooked system that is nothing but pathetic.  When people are paid fortunes to hit a ball, while those who are charged with educating future generations are paid next to nothing, there is something wrong with society.

But this is a good day.  It is a good day for a nation that needs a good day to come to it.  Hopefully, it will stick around for a while.  Japan deserves it.  It is one of the few nations that does.  Americans will be sad, but in the end, this nation needs to grow up.  Sometimes, somebody else just needs it more.

Peace out,


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