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Students for Life Candlelight Vigil is bigoted

If one travels the corridors and hallways of UAA and happens to come upon this little sign, then you’ll get to see one of the most profound exercises in stupidity that has ever been done.  There is a candlelight vigil that is going down soon (or could have happened.  Either way, this needs to be talked about) with the group UAA Students for Life.  These are basically anti-choice (pro-life) activists who are doing this vigil for Roe v. Wade.

For real, they are actually having an candlelight vigil to say this is something that people should be mourning.  Let’s examine that fact, because if one thinks about it, not only is this horrible, but it says something really bad about the people involved.

Roe v. Wade was an act that gave a woman the right to her own body.  The holding in this case was a law in Texas that made it a crime for a woman to get assistance when getting an abortion, and that this was a violation of her due process rights.  The courts agreed, and from that day on, women got to have the rights to their own bodies.  It was a fantastic day for women, and for pro-women activists.  However, for another group of people, that isn’t the case.

From the moment it passed, the opposition took to the streets.  The irony of modern times is that the more options, pharmaceutically, that exist ot prevent women from getting abortions, the louder the opposition becomes.  But why is this?  Well, the simple argument is that they believe that life begins at conception.  A million and a half brilliant minds have already torn that argument to pieces, so we won’t go into that here.

But in the end, it doesn’t matter.  This is like gay marriage – it is something that politicians have no right or good reason to be getting involved in.  A lot of Ron Paulites say, “let the states decide!”  No, wrong!  This is something that either America has to be totally for or totally against.  We cannot have the double-standard in this country that we do.  And you see it all the time.

An interesting thought about these anti-choice people is that they want to protect the unborn, but the moment you are in the world, they don’t want to hear about you.  No health care, no Head Start, no food stamps, no school lunch.  Nothing.  They don’t care about you until you reach military age.  When they can send you overseas to die in pointless wars, that’s when these anti-choice people like to hear about you.  But other than that, nothing!  Absolutely nothing.

But getting back to the UAA Students for Life vigil, let me ask you something – do you not want women to have rights over their own bodies?  Surely that’s the case.  You must truly believe that women’s interests should be subjugated by the state.  And since it is almost universally white conservatives who take this view, I find it surprising that you take this standpoint, especially considering that you all seem to want this “small government.”  Yeah, small enough to watch over each woman and make sure her pregnancy goes to term.

What was it that George Carlin said about these kinds of people?

They’re not pro-life.  You know what they are?  They’re anti-woman.  Simple as it gets, anti-woman.  They don’t like ’em.

And that’s the simple truth.  They dont’ like women.  Or at the very least, they don’t like the fact that they can choose what to do with their own bodies.  And so, giving them the right to do so is worthy of a candlelight vigil.

It’s bigotry.  Simple as that.

Peace out,


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