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Democrats say debt ceiling deal “a historic win”

It is almost poetic to watch the victory lap that Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nevada) is taking after the announcement of the debt ceiling deal that was come to yesterday.  It is really kind of appropriate because it reflects upon a modern standard that is not only pathetic, but actually should bother people a great deal more than it actually does.  Really, this whole slap in the face of economics, reality, and the American people.  It ignores the way the world is and then replaced with this this happy-go-lucky vision that is so pathetically ignorant that people should be clamoring in the street about how horrible and how pathetic this “deal” really is.

The new deal has created as “Super Congress” that will be charged with cutting $1.5 trillion dollars, after having already made $1 trillion in cuts already.  But while they made all of these cuts happen, guess what didn’t happen?  They are not, and the new Super Congress cannot, increasing revenue at all.  It isn’t even on the table.  It isn’t allowed to be on the table.  When the new Super Congress is made, this idea cannot even be questioned.  This is stupid on a level of epic significance because it ignores all the logic in the world.

America is in dire economic straits right now.  But the fact is that it goes beyond that.  This country and the debt problem that it has is way beyond being able to fix with just cuts.  If it is tackled with only cuts, and no increases in revenue, the fact is that ALL entitlement programs will disappear in the blink of an eye.  And since an overwhelming majority of Americans don’t want their Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and Veterans Benefits to disappear, you can imagine that people don’t want that to happen.

Well, that is what is going to happen if there isn’t a smarter method devised than this bogus and pathetic shamble that was thrown together in which Obama believes that he has actually accomplished something.  This particular reporter has a theory about how one could actually create a smarter method of dealing with America’s debt.  The first part would involved letting all the Bush Tax Cuts expire, all of them.  The middle class wouldn’t even really feel it.  The only demographic that would be severely affected would be the rich.  Yeah, because they are so suffering ever since they have been making a metric ton of money after the fall in late 2007.

The next thing that a person does is massively cut the military budget.  China, the largest population of people on the face of the planet, has a much small military than us.  America has a larger military than the top 15 or so nation’s combined.  And what’s more, there is no reason for the military budget to be that huge.  There is no reason at all.  So massively slashing that would be another area that could be worked on.

Next, legalize pot, or better-yet, legalize all drugs.  There would be hundreds of billions of dollars that would be brought in from that.  Not to mention that the system would get a lot better because the prison system is just choked with drug offenders and it is a waste of money.  This would be a massive influx of revenue when these things would be legalized and then taxed.

And the final part would be to examine the entitlement programs.  All liberals should love them, and most people in general love them, but the fact is that there is abuse.  There are exploitations of loopholes.  It happens all the time.  So looking critically at the entitlement programs is a very good thing to do.  And not only that, perhaps we could slash Medicare and Medicaid, get rid of them entirely, and then bring in universal healthcare.  It has been a massive success in Europe and everywhere else that has it.  Ironically enough, America is spending more on healthcare than any nation on Earth.  We spend more even though we don’t have universal healthcare.  The logic isn’t connecting.

So, these things could actually be done and could actually solve America’s debt problem.  But what is being done?  A cuts-only approach, and the fact is that this approach does not and has never worked.  None of the Republicans great economic ideas have worked.  Reagan’s idea of “trickle-down economics” was a farce that put America into a recession in his term.  The two wars that Bush got into and paid for them with the surplus that Clinton had has been a massive contributor to our debt.  And this cuts-only approach is yet another idea that came from a horribly greedy place and will hurt the middle class.

One must ask themselves how the corporate monsters go to sleep at night, knowing that they have a political party who directly benefits them and who pretty much does everything that they possibly can to keep the rich richer and the poor poorer.  There is a twisted paradigm when America’s own government works against the country itself, while the person who runs it thinks that he has won something.  Obama believes he did the right thing.

It used to be that the liberals believed that he was spineless and lazy, but now the question is genuinely becoming if he is not a turncoat to his own party.  And he will attack his own party when the blame game begins.  He will attack the former base who once supported him with such enthusiasm because that is what he does.  He has done it before.  Back during the debate to extend the Bush Tax Cuts, he said that it was the liberals holding America hostage, even though it was completely the other way around.

If he keeps up like this, there is no way he is getting reelected in 2012.  There really does need to be somebody to run against Obama in the 2012 election primaries.  There was somebody or other on YouTube who said something really enlightened, “the only changed Obama has brought when going from a Democrat to a Republican.”  His “change” has been nothing but a three-card monte game, and now it is time for a new page to be turned, before our economy is driven into the ground.

This wasn’t a “historic win” for anybody except the Republicans.  For the American people, this was a tragic failure

Peace out,


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