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The Weiner’s Weiner Debacle

If only we weren’t a nation of six year olds.  If only there could be a mature outlook on things.  But that would probably be asking too much from the American media.  After all, this is the country that spent months talking about Michael Jackson’s death.  We spent a week with the Reagan funeral.  Every time anybody who is well-known in this country dies, everybody has a minature freak-out, like death is just the worst thing.  Plus, we make a big deal out of everything.  It is only natural that the issue of Congressman Weiner’s weiner was destined to become a big deal.  And it was probably made a big deal because of the fact that we just want to combine words.  We say Weiner’s weiner and everybody gets a giggle.  Yeah, it is pathetic.

There was a very smart YouTuber named TJ Kincaid who made a brilliant point about this –

I think we only covered this because we all wanted to say WEINER!

I am of the same mindset.  This is all so pathetic!  So, Weiner decided to send a picture of his weiner to an attractive woman.  He admitted to the crime, and sure, it was not the smarted thing to do, but think about this – who cares?  There was an idea floating around about having Weiner go over to the GOP.  They could use a couple of straight guys on their team, since all they ever get busted with is guy’s getting caught with their Rent-Boy or tapping their feet under another man’s stall to signal that he is ready to go, sexually speaking.  But is this really the massive debacle that everybody is making it out to be?

The “family values” crowd (if only they actually knew what those are) are crying the blues about how Weiner has betrayed the voters of New York by sending pictures of his weiner to a girl.  Yeah, that’s just the worst thing that has ever happened.  The American people are consistently getting screwed by the White House.  We are consistently getting shafted by Congress.  At least with Weiner sending a picture of his weiner, there is a bit of honesty.

Of course, it was not a smart thing to do.  One unfortunate consequence of all of this has been that Breitbart, a bigot in the worst way (but like the Tea Party, don’t call him that!), has been legitimized by accusing Weiner of trying to hook up with a girl.  That is not a good thing.  Andrew Breitbart should never have a single person ever listen to him in a serious way, because after his little accusations that he made at Shirley Sharrod, he should have been shamed into obscurity by the American public for the bigot that he is.

Another problem is that this turns the eyes of everybody onto the Democrats, and is another attacking point that the Republicans can use.  Of course, when a Republican is caught with his pants down (so to speak), Fox News and the conservative blogosphere goes out of their way to make the story seem less like a big deal, but when a Democrat is caught sending a picture of his weiner to a woman, he is villified.  The nice little bits of hypocrisy that the Republicans and conservatives in this country have.

And the fact is that they are hypocrits.  Whenever some GOP Congressman is caught with his boyfriend, do the Democrats go absolutely crazy over it?  Does the liberal community just jump on the person’s bandwagon and scream about how they are an immoral monster and need to be taken away from society?  No!  They do not do that because the liberal and progressive parts of this country have a little something called “integrity.”

What’s more, it doesn’t focus on the problem.  People say that people like Anthony Weiner are the reason Congress looks bad.  That is a lie!  That is an outright lie!  Congress looks bad because they are clearly in bed with Wall Street.  They don’t even try and hide the face that they are slaves to the business interests of this country.  We can all look at Weiner and shake our heads, but we all know the truth – that Congress hasn’t been working for the American people in a VERY long time, and this major shift in the media’s attention to Weiner’s weiner is just sad.

Sam Seder, another very witty political commentator, had this to say about what is happening –

Bad new from Fukushima, in Japan, apparently, their Twitter is down and they can’t see the naked photos, or the chestless photos, of Anthony Weiner.”

This is so dumb.  There are things of real consequence happening in this world.  This comes back to the fact that the media just focuses all of its attention on absolute junk, while the stuff of real merit gets ignored.  Fukushima is in trouble.  Japan is a complete mess.  There is still a real problem in places like Joplin that were destroyed by tornadoes.  There is a lot that could be actually being talked about.  Instead, though, we have people who are just bored and don’t want to think too hard just reporting on something that they know will get people’s attention because there is a guy named Weiner sending pictures of his weiner.

Seder also made another good point – as long as he has broken no laws, what does this matter?  I mean, yeah, his wife will probably have a much different take on all of this, but that is between the two of them, is it not?  Is it not an issue between those two?  Why exactly does the American public need to know every minute detail of all of this?  Sure, Weiner is an idiot for doing this, and what he chooses to do next will be important.  If he resigns, that will be a blow to the liberal community.  But in the end, this is not the worse thing in the world, people!  There are a lot worse things than Weiner sending pictures of his weiner.

But saying that might upset the United States of Eight Year Olds.

Peace out,


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