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My name is Eli Johnson.  This is my professional blog.  I am currently a journalism student at the University of Alaska Anchorage.  I have an Op-ed column in The Northern Light, a college newspaper here.  My primary interest is politics.  I am looking to find employment after college with the media to continue my efforts to report on the political interests of this nation.  I am a liberal.  Bill Moyer once said that having a bias is alright, as long as it is made clear to everybody.  Progressive liberal politics is my bias.  In keeping with my bias, and my interests, I support free thinking, and free expression.  I may be from Alaska, but I am an open-minded and politically engaged young man, who hopes to keep going in my efforts to report on political events in the future.

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  1. Hi Eli,
    What if you are wrong? You are a very talented journalist, but many of your articles seem to indicate that you don’t believe in God. You also seem to have quite a following and influence on young people. So I ask you again….What if you are wrong? What if you are leading others away from everlasting life? As a journalist, it is your responsibility to research both sides of the story. (I’m not a journalist, but that sounded good to me.) Research it and I think you will find more evidence that there is a God than not.
    Read C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity.” C.S. Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia) was an Atheist. He became friends with J.R. Tolkein (Lord of the Rings) and became a Christian after years of debate.
    I know you don’t believe in prayer, but I will be praying for you every morning. God bless ya brother and good luck.


    • I am a journalist, but I am also a man of science. As a man of science, the God question comes down to one thing – where is the proof? It isn’t on the non-believer (which you very correctly supposed that I am) to disprove the idea of a holy being. It is on the believer to prove that there is. I give the side of the story that has evidence. You must be able to prove that there is a holy being before I will report on it. A good journalist has sources for his information, has evidence to back up his claims. Is able to show his knowledge. Since there is no evidence for God, I don’t believe in him.

      I take the position of cosmic humility – I don’t know what is out there. But until I get proof one way or the other, I choose skepticism.

  2. Eli – I am a state Representative – Les Gara – I just got a message from the college democrats about a Sep. 20 event, but can’t make out the phone number to call back – to Marsh Bridges? Can you or someone from the college Democrats give me a call? 250-0106. Thanks.

  3. Eli – Where are you now? I can’t seem to find you online. Please give me a shout.

    • Look up Lucien Maverick’s Blog here on WordPress. It’s my personal blog, that has become more of an extension of this, but with more swear words. On Facebook under the same name.

  4. Joe Johnson said:

    In reference to I made some terrible comments regarding my ex girlfriend Kylie on a
    five year old blog of yours. The last three comments on that blog are
    all by me (if the third one gets approved where I said something nice to try to lessen the blow) and if you could delete them I’d appreciate it so much.
    Please let me know if you can because the fact I posted it makes me
    feel incredibly bad as I have been obsessing over my impolite decision. Thank you so much.

    -Joe Johnson

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