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Boy, it’s almost getting hard to take this stuff seriously, isn’t it?  I mean, how can this possibly be real?  What kind of cop in his right mind would shoot a naked college student?  Here’s the story

In south Alabama, a college student, named Gil Collar, was doing as college students are want to do, and was running around naked.  Hopefully this wasn’t the result of a stupid Frat pledge or some other dumb thing.  However, this student found his away to a police station.  He was banging on the doors there, and an officer came out.  According to the officer, when he came out, the kid adopted a fighting stance.  The officer claims to have repeatedly tried to back off and “diffuse the situation,” but the kid just kept coming.  It was then that the officer’s next course of action was to draw his gun and kill the kid.  Yeah…this explanation is as bogus as it sounds.

First, let’s look at the facts.  This is a 130lb college student.  He is butt-naked, and has no weapons on him.  He is banging on a police station window at 1 in the morning.  He supposedly took a fighting stance when a cop comes out after he was banging on a window.  This officer, who probably not only had a gun on him, but probably had a taser, or a baton, or some mace, and also his fists (which come equipped with hours upon hours of hand-to-hand combat training), shot and killed this kid.  Seeing the problems?

How could this officer have felt that his life was in danger?  This is a well-trained cop going up against a naked kid.  That is not only ridiculous, it is down-right silly.  And as you can imagine, this story that is filled with plot-holes has not been well-received by the community.  They think that it is just as bogus as this particular blogger.

There is no way, unless this was some idiot rookie who didn’t know that all that training can actually be used for something, this story makes no sense.  And of course, the “horrible” punishment for an officer who appears to have killed someone for no good reason is that he has been put on paid leave while they investigate.  These cases almost universally favor the cops, so you can bet that the officer won’t be punished in any significant way.  In fact, he is probably going to walk away unscathed, as police almost always do.

We have talked about this before, but it bears repeating – something needs to be done about the cops!  Are are giving thugs uniforms, badges, guns, and almost complete legal immunity.  These are a class of people who have no fear of the hammer coming down on them.  That has to go!  We need oversight on these guys!

Every week, it seems, we are hearing stories about the police killing people’s pets, like in Missouri, where the cops killed the family dog, pepper-sprayed the puppies, and were going to kill the puppies, all during what was supposed to be a marijuana bust (and they only found a bag, which was enough for a misdemeanor charge).  And the murdering of pets is nothing new.  There is a blog where it is documented when police kill a family’s animals.

There are a lot of states in this country where people are getting in trouble for filming the police.  That’s interesting.  Why would the police not want to be filmed?  Could it be because they don’t want their thuggish tactics and their blatant abuse of power getting out.

A warning to all cops – you are now being watched.  You are now in the public eye.  You are not safe.  The internet knows who you are, and the internet does not forgive and forget.  The internet will still be here tomorrow.  The public is wise to your game, and we are going to fight back.

We. Are. Watching you.

Comments on: "Cop Kills Unarmed Naked College Student?" (3)

  1. Reblogged this on Lucien Maverick's Blog and commented:

    These crooked and abusive cops have got to go!

  2. Stephanie2005 said:

    This is sooooo sad. I have lived in a town that had some pretty corrupt cops and it made me dislike MOST cops. I NO that there are some awesome and REAL police officers out there too, I have met some. But that doesnt change what this cop did. I hope the parents more than press chargers. I hope they get the cops name out there and their sons and show what can happen to ANYBODY. This kid could’ve been robbed and/or raped and was running for help! It could’ve been by someone that either was a cop or dressed like one too! I don’t no this kids story and only he (may he rest in paridise) no what really happened. But I hope this cop gets fired, sued, and screwed for what he did. This is just soooo awful! Stupid cops. Sorry but I’ve been messed with by cops and had them pull a gun on me, and I was maybe 22 and 115 pounds! What was a little girl going todo to a big ol’ cop!? Nothing. I wasn’t doing anything wrong. Poor kid, no matter what he didn’t deserve this. No matter what the cop says either. I hope karma does get him!

  3. anonymous said:

    What that cops did to that kid and those pets is unacceptable beyond belief. Therefore, they should be fired if they haven’t been so already. But for you to think that all police are corrupt is narrow-minded. Honestly, are you that paranoid about law enforcers? For your information, NOT ALL OF THEM ARE BAD!! Without them, we innocent civilians would be terrorized by criminals and the like.

    In my city, none of the police did what the police you complained about did in this article. But what you just posted about police is delusional.

    What if you have a relative who is a cop or relatives who are police? Will you turn against him, her, or them?

    Here’s an example of why police are important:

    “You’re walking down a street while minding your own business when some mugger jumps out from behind a nearby bush, attacks you, steals all of your valuables, and runs away. There’s no one around to help but one or more police officers. You remember learning that you shouldn’t take the law into your own hands. Would you need him, her, or them to help you up and catch the crook?

    And let’s say that the cop or cops helps you to your feet, takes you to safety, goes after the criminal or criminals, arrests him, her, or them; and tells you about it. Are you going to thankful or thankless? If you’re going to be thankless, the cop or cops might warn you that he, she, or they might not be around to defend you if you ever get terrorized again and probably make good on his, her, or their promise.”

    So think about what I’m telling you.

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