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The Catholic Church, Then and Now

The Catholic Church deserves some credit for what it had done a very long time ago.  Through the power of faith, it is true that we were able to come from the marauding barbarism that had taken over Europe in the Dark Ages.  Societies have been formed since long before Christianity existed by people coming together over a system of beliefs, which are often a ground-work for their continued growth as a culture.

Patton Oswald was right when he said that religion gave us writing and agriculture and fire and civilization.  However, the key thing that isn’t addressed is that what was once then, isn’t now.  The great truth of the Catholic church and what it once stood for has been washed away.  Granted, it has always been a corrupt institution.  There isn’t a single system of power that exists in this entire world that isn’t.  But it’s corruption was once off-set by what it gave back to society.  Such is not the case anymore.

Looking far beyond the Dark Ages, it cannot be denied that the corruption of the Catholic church has consumed it, and now it is nothing more than an institution that does so much more harm than good.  Before looking at the current examples, let’s take a trip back through history, and look at some of the more historically famous things that the Catholic church has been responsible for.

  • 17 million African slaves were killed by slavers, which the Catholic church explicitly said was okay in 1836 and 1839.  These were official stances of the church, who favored slavery.
  • In the 15th and 16th Century, and probably well after that, there were countless deaths after Pope Innocent VIII was the author of “The Declation Against Witches.”
  • The Catholic church killed over 1 million innocent people in their Crusades to conquer The Holy Land (their term, not mine)
  • The Spanish Inquisition killed over 350,000 people, all of whom were innocent, in order to suppress and silence those who were not in league with the church.
  • The Catholic church had a very large participation in the the Rwanda ethnic cleansing.
  • They continued to support a bloody and violent regime in Zimbabwe because they gave the church support.
  • They supported the Croatian genocide of the Serbs.

Oh wait, look at the dates of all this.  This goes way back.  This goes all the way back to the Dark Ages.  Huh, well, scrap what I said before.  There was an order given to society, but at the same time, dating back to the beginning, the Catholic church has been nothing more than an organization of corruption and murder.

Today, on the other hand, there isn’t so much murder, but there is still a whole lot of corruption.  What are some of the more famous modern example of their corruption?  Some really modern ones?  Well, here’s another neat bulleted list.

  • Mother Teresa, a woman who is revered by Catholics, non-Catholics, and even atheists like myself, advocated for no women’s reproductive rights of any kind.  She advocated for people in Africa not being able to use condoms, which would have exponentially helped in keeping the amount of AIDS cases down.  Her hospitals were poverty-stricken Third World nightmares, even though it has been shown that with the amount of money she had, she could have easily made them into very great palaces of health.  She also advocated poverty, which is why she didn’t funnel any of her untold and vast amounts of money into those hospitals.
  • Over 5,000 priests and deacons are currently still active within the Catholic church, with there being public knowledge of their sex crimes against children.
  • The Vatican keeps records of all the sexual abuse crimes committed by priests and who has been abused.  They pay off the abuse victims and their families, often adding the threat of excommunication if they go to the authorities.
  • The Pope is expressly tied to the conscious efforts to keep the sexual abuse of the church under wraps, showing that this corruption comes down right from the top.
  • When SNAP (Survivors Network for those Abused by Priests) came to the International Crimes Court to finally bring the hammer down on the Vatican and make them pay, the Vatican PR machine did everything in their power to vilify SNAP’s lawyers and those who were coming out against the sexual abuse that is rampant in the church.  They almost took a Stockholm Syndrome approach, telling the victims of sexual abuse that it wasn’t as bad as they thought.
  • They are still working day and night to stop safe sex in third-world nations, along with abortion rights for women.
  • They will let abstinence-only education be taught in Catholic schools (and we wonder why religious areas have the highest rates of teen pregnancy).
  • At the Irish Sisters of Mercy, over 13,000 children were found to have been brutally physically abused.
  • A plethora of financial crimes associated with the Vatican Bank, such as the laundering of 23, million euros.
  • Oh, and the raping of all the kids.  Don’t know if we covered that.

The Catholic church is a corrupt organization, and the simple reality is this – this needs to stop.  It is high-time that the Catholic church felt the long-arm of the law.  They are completely exempt from taxes, yet they and all the other Christian organizations have a stranglehold on government.  This is an organization that couldn’t be more corrupt, yet couldn’t have more power.

On some level, it almost makes sense why the governments of the world are afraid to go after them.  This still is an incredibly powerful organization.  Their giant opulent palaces across the world should be testament to that.  There is a lot of money that governments need to finance their own corruption.  It is a giant network of corruption that infects this entire planet, and nobody will fight back against.

However, there is reason to hope.  There are groups coming together, refusing not to let themselves be ignored, and calling for justice against the Catholic church, until the abuse stops.  This organization needs to feel the hammer of the law, and until that happens, there needs to be a conscious effort against them.

Catholics, remember – we. are. watching you!

PC Liberalism and Islam

How are these two things connected?  Well, let’s take a look at what has happened in the news over the last couple weeks.  There has been an incident where a very crappy video was made mocking Islam and the their prophet, Muhammad.  This video was awful in every way.  Bad cinematography, bad acting, bad writing, there was nothing good about it.  However, in response, the butt-hurt Muslims who won’t let anybody have any opinion about their religion that is in the negative have been rioting all over the world, and have even brutally killed four people.

Meanwhile, back in America, what has been the typical response to this?  Well, ironically, more than should ever been expected, the government and the left-wing public seem to want to demonize these filmmakers, rather than the extremist monsters who have brutally killed four innocent people.  The question that should be asked when hearing that fact is – what?!  Why?

If two people are arguing over which Transformers movie is better (they all suck, but just go with it), and one of them decides to kill the other, was it Michael Bay’s fault for making those crappy movies?  Is he responsible for the murder of one person by other person?  What if the killer brutally raped and them eviscerated the other person?  Would it be Michael Bay’s fault then?  Of course not.  The fault is with the person who killed the other person.  So how is this opinion that the filmmakers of this piece of garbage schlock are being held accountable.

To get to the heart of that, one has to look at a new trend in America.  You see, there are two types of liberal in this country.  The first type of liberal is the kind who believes in fairness, giving power back to the people, and weeding our corruption.  They typically do not side with the Democrats, because they see them for the corporate slaves that they are.  Then there is the other type.  The type who wants nothing more than the help the Democrat Party, believe that these people are someday going to help them, and to make sure that nobody ever has hurt feelings.  As you can imagine, I don’t get along with this group very well.

After the video came out, large chunks of the American population came out in defense of Islam, saying that the filmmakers were in the wrong, and this was all their fault, and that Islam is a great religion, and nobody should ever be allowed their Free Speech rights to have an opinion about it.  That is what actual politicians in this country have said.  Don’t believe that?  Here is a quote from Hillary Clinton on the subject –

To us, to me personally, this video is disgusting and reprehensible.  It appears to have a deeply cynical purpose: to denigrate a great religion and to provoke rage.

Yeah, she is basically blaming the creators of this video for why four people were brutally murdered.  And while many liberals won’t come out and say it, the backlash against the video by the liberal community is amusing.  They are so dedicated to making sure that nobody is mad and nobody is upset that they are ignoring the glaring reality in the room – that this is what free speech is all about.  You will risk offending people.  You will risk making people mad.  You will risk people not liking what you say.  But in the end, the right to free speech is paramount, because if you censor what people can and cannot say, you are opening the door to a dictator taking advantage of that.  They will blanket it with being “politically correct,” but it is dictatorship all the same.

And now, another neat little PC liberal controversy has brewed after Lady Gaga went to a fashion show dressed in a burka-like outfit.  The idea being that she was making a point about how Muslim women are treated.

This needs to be addressed.  In Middle Eastern primarly-Muslim nations, it cannot be argued that women are treated as second-class citizens.  Don’t believe that?  Take a look at this link.  The Human Rights Watch has very good documentation about how primarily Muslim nations treat women in the Middle East, and it is abhorrent.  Yet because the PC liberal community doesn’t want to make Islam mad, there are people who will defend the idea that Lady Gaga is wrong.

Are liberals in this country just too afraid to stand up for anything anymore?  They won’t call Obama out on his lies, his manipulation, his expansion of the Bush Doctrine.  They won’t hold the Democrats feet to the fire for…anything.  Now, they are defending a group of people who, while not all of them are bad, it cannot be argued that many of them are zealots and that primarily Muslim nations have a disgusting mistreatment of women.  Anyone who will defend a group of people who mistreat women are scum.  that is what the PC liberal community is becoming – scum.  Scum who defends zealotry and misogyny.

Congratulations, you are becoming your own own worst enemy.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I am trying to go and fight for things that actually matter.

A Woman Judge Blames a Woman for Being Sexually Assaulted?!

Reading this story was a lot like reading about Clarence Thomas, a Supreme Court Justice who grew up in the Jim Crow days and had to live with the racial segregation that that entailed, thinks that black people shouldn’t have rights.

Here’s the premise of what happened – a cop goes to a bar.  He is drunk.  He flashes his badge at the door so as not to pay the entrance fee.  Once inside, he goes up behind a woman.  He grabs a hold of her, puts his hand up her skirt, and starts rubbing his hands on her genitals.

As you can imagine, it was insane.  The cop, Robb Gary Evans, was immediately fired from the police force, and arrested.  At the trial, he was convicted of sexual assault, and sentenced to two years in prison, and to be put on the sex-offender registry, as is proper.

However, there was a twist.  The judge in this case, Jaqueline Hatch, said that sentencing this ex-cop to jail time was excessive, and instead sentenced him to probation, and 100 hours of community service.  Also, he is not going to be put on the sex offender registry list.  But it doesn’t end there.  Judge Hatch had some choice words for the victim of this crime –

If you wouldn’t have been there that night, none of this would have happened.

That offensive enough?  Well, she continues.

You learned a lesson about friendship and a lesson about vulnerability.

Or maybe this.

When you blame others, you give up your power to change.

Yeah, a woman judge is who is actually telling a victim of sexual assault that she is at fault here.  Yeah, by that logic, if a person chokes on food, it’s there fault for eating.  If a kid gets caught by a stray bullet at a drive-by, it was his fault for being there.  If your house gets destroyed by a hurricane, it’s your fault for living there.

This is offensive.  This is totally and completely offensive on so many levels.  This is a judge, an actual judge, who gives this sexual predator a slap on the wrist, at best, and then decides to make this about a woman being in the wrong place, and painting her as not the victim, but the reason for this to happen.

Where does this judge get off?!  Where does this come from to believe that she has the right to tell this woman that this is her fault?!  The absolute LAST thing that a woman who was in this position needs to hear, from a person in a position of authority, is that this was their fault.  The levels of cruelty in that statement are unforgivable.

But beyond that, it is worse because think about this – she is advocating that men who sexually assault women shouldn’t be accountable for their actions!  How sick is that?  This is one of the most disgusting pieces of inhumanity that has ever been uttered by a federal judge.

Where do people like this come from?  People like Todd Akin, who stupidly enough said that if a woman is “legitimately raped,” the body will just shut it down, and that it isn’t that bad.  Sure, he said that was a dumb thing to say, but here’s the punch line – he never said he was wrong!  And the reason he did that is because of the next voting cycle.  He knows that if he admits that that was a stupid thing to say, his opponent will come in and say that it’s true that a woman who is raped doesn’t need an abortion, because that is what the morally backwards base wants to hear.

Judge Hatch is a disgusting human being.  She is a foul, venereal disease on the zeitgeist of America.  But here is the truly horrifying thing – she is in a position of power.  Her, and people like Todd Akin are getting into positions of power in this country.  Why?  It’s not because of a lack of liberal voting, though that certainly is an issue.  No, it’s because, and we need to accept this, the Republican Party, which makes up half (give or take) of this country’s voting block, is perfectly fine with electing and having these monsters represent them.  That is the kind of people they are.

This country is filled with voters who want to see women suffer, to see women get assaulted and raped, and when they are put in a position to justify their point of view, they will say – it was the woman’s fault, because she was there.  That is what America has produced.

These are the kinds of people who have a voice in this country.  America, there are a lot of days when I find you to be a disgusting place.  Can you blame me?

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