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Yeah, this question was posed in a video that was recently uploaded to YouTube.  The video talked about how mobile gaming is quickly replacing typical gaming.  In a very quick response to him – what are you talking about?

The consoles that we know of right now are starting to show their age a little, but the fact is that console gaming completely and utterly dominates the gaming world.  Online games are a global phenomenon.  Most gaming companies try to have some online component to all of their games, because the fact is that the young and adult all over the world now want to link up and play games with their friends.

The guy in the video linked above seemed incredibly naive.  He believes that the young culture is all about being mobile.  To some extent, he is right.  Mobile apps are for everything nowadays.  You can upload to your Facebook page on your mobile phone.  You can control all of your devices together, and in some cases control stuff in your house through the mobile phone, but here’s the thing – it’s a long time coming for this to be applicable to gaming as well.

The next generation of consoles are looking to make their debut very soon.  It’s cool because gaming companies want to make games that have the hardware to show off their new tech.  This means that better performance, better graphics, and more save space are just around the corner.  All kinds of possibilities are going to be available for gaming very soon.

To say that the consoles are dead seems incredibly ignorant, and perhaps this fellow should have done his research.  The modern consoles show their age, but the by-product is that there are incredible games being made.  The latest generation of games (the good ones, anyway) have great stories, many on par with good film.  New games are even getting A-list actors into their production.  The game Beyond: Two Souls stars and has a rendering of Ellen Paige.  That is no small feat.

Not only that, but the speaker of the video said that mobile games are the way to go because of the fact that it is mobile.  Mobility doesn’t increase playability.  The maker of an Assassin’s Creed game wouldn’t get very far putting it on an iPhone.  The reality is that these kind of games, while being a very good diversion, are nothing more than standing in the shadow of the gaming consoles.

Saying that traditional consoles are dead is a lot like saying that traditional pets are dead.  It is blatantly not true.  This guy was giving bad advice, and it needs to be made example of, because there were people there at this lecture who thought that they were learning something.

Young people do like being on the go, but those who like games like games that are playable.  There has to be some value to the gaming experience, and while playing Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja can be fun, they in no way are looking to replace the high-quality games that serious gamers are expecting from the consoles or online.  That’s a fact.

I love video games.  This is an art medium that I have grown up with, and I am seeing it mature.  No longer are the plots non-existent or simple.  We now have nuance, subtlety, catharsis, and beauty.  This medium is coming into its own, and when games can get people like Haley Joel Osment and Ellen Paige to be a part of them, you know that you are doing something right.

Sorry, guy, but you are dead wrong.  Remember that.


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    I hate when people make grand statements and don’t know what they’re talking about.

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