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Well, the big issue that is now floating around the media zeitgeist is the Jerry Sandusky trial.  Just like the trial of that mother who killed her kids not too long ago, everybody seems to want to talk about this, and to make it out to be this giant issue, when the truth is that this issue is unbelievably small.

Yeah, you can disagree all you want, but think about this – the economy is heading in the wrong direction again.  Our infrastructure is falling apart.  Congress can’t seem to get anything done because they are too busy fighting amongst themselves to notice what is happening outside of their $2,000 suits.  There are still wars that we are fighting over in the Middle East.  We are still waging a pointless and futile war against drugs that is ultimately costing money that this country could be saving.  Billions and billions of dollars that we could have in our banks, and instead we have to have going nowhere.

In the world of the problems that are facing this country, where do I put Jerry Sandusky and the horrible things that he has done to young boys?  I put it right at the bottom.  Here’s the real truth – what Sandusky did was awful.  He deserves to have the book thrown at him for this.  There is no argument that he should go to jail and find out what happens to a child molester in a typical American prison.  But here’s the thing – how is this a national issue?

Are we going to look at this as a larger concept and talk about how trusted adult figures like Catholic priests and coaches could be raping our children, and how we should be working to stop stuff like this (especially with the Catholic church, and make them pay for their crimes, finally)?  Obviously no.  For starters, the Catholic church would never allow this government to have a really hardcore look into their own corruption.  They are openly controlling the way of the conversation about their crimes.

And nobody is going to take a hard look at coaches.  For those self-righteous people who are now making a huge issue out of Sandusky’s trial, let’s not forget that when he was first arrested, a HUGE group of people came out of the woodwork and defended him.  They acted like this was all a lie.  They didn’t want to believe it, and why?  Because he was a good coach, and Penn. State University didn’t want to lose him.

To be able to keep winning sports games, these people were willing to close their eyes and ignore this, pretending like it wasn’t true.  You don’t think that that is worth taking note of?  You don’t think that something like this is worth talking about?

That brings us to the final point that the real thing that nobody will talk about is the absolute failure of the American people.  All of our political and cultural problems that we suffer from now can be traced back to the weak-kneed and cowardly American people who are too pathetic to actually stand up and do something about the real problems.  They are content to simply get rid of the symptoms of the diseases of corruption and ignorance that afflict society, not to go after the root cause.

The Vatican will never be put on trial.  Coaches will always be the good guys because America loves its sports.  And the American people will never answer for their part in what gets us here because they don’t want to have a light shined on their failures.  Liberals and conservatives will come on here and say that I am dead wrong and that this isn’t an American thing, but the truth is that until we do, people like Sandusky will come back, and this whole tragedy will repeat itself again and again.

That’s America for you.  We’re a diaper nation, cleaning our mess after it’s made, as if we could have stopped it from being made.


Comments on: "Who Cares about Jerry Sandusky?" (2)

  1. JanCorey said:

    It is important to remember that many of these alleged-victims kept returning back for gay-sex for years and years and years with Jerry Sandusky. None of them are a victim imo.

    • Why make a point about the fact that it was gay sex? Like that matters. Yeah, there are some issues, but what he did was still horrible. It doesn’t matter if they came back. He had sex with them when they were children. They are still victims because of that fact alone. What Sandusky did was awful, but why people are making such a huge issue out of this is the real concept to think about, because nobody should care.

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