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The Lost Liberal

What can a person be, if they are unaware of who they are?  This is a question that has rattled around the base of the mind since this evening.  The great question that probably all people have asked themselves since the moment that people began to question their own existence, and to ponder the greater existential meanings of all of the things that life has to offer.

A friend of mine offered the perspective that one can never truly know themselves, since a person changes on a day to day basis.  This seems like a more intelligent perspective than most.  Most people tend to think that by a certain age, they will or have got it all figured out.  This, however, seems to be rather simple-minded.  Life isn’t so simple that just one night of sitting like the famous statue by Auguste Rodin, deep in contemplation.

Perhaps it is a curse to look at the world and be able to see what is true.  The truth doesn’t set you free.  Seeing the reality of the political and cultural degeneration over time really makes finding the points that one is to be happy about increasingly difficult.  I will agree with perhaps 5 out of 100 positions that my political philosophy teacher makes, but he made a rather poignant one last class.

The problem with the liberal mentality is that unlike conservatives, which tell you how to operate and move toward a given direction, there is little to no group to it, except where the common interests are shared.  We are only allied to the point where our needs and desires intersect, and after that, there is very little true camaraderie between us.  That was a rather profound way to look at things.  We are not a true brotherhood.

The reality of our situation has begun to sink in, now that the end of the college road is staring us in the face.  The reality is that we have no idea where we are going, or what we are going to do.  It’s a cold feeling, when one feels this absolutely lost.  Our advisor said that we are going to fail at life, because we don’t have all this stuff under our belt.  Well, she was wrong about one part.  We do have a portfolio.  It grows a few times every week.

We are lost, in a sea of confusion and uncertainty.  There is so little opportunity to be able to get by in this country these days.  Jobs are getting more and more scarce, and the competition is heating up.  Not being the most competitive person has really stuck us in that sense.  Where do we go?  What do we do?  These are not easy questions to answer.

I could see us ending up working at some company, writing up manuals, editing business documents.  I am a damn good editor.  I have a gift at spotting the problems with a document, that go beyond just spelling and grammar.  Those are actually kind of immaterial in a lot of ways, because most people don’t notice them.  If the essence of your work is flawed, the rest is for nothing.  Whenever I am writing something, I know exactly what I am writing for, and who I am writing to.  That is why we got an A on the last paper for that Political Philosophy class.  To be able to see the end goal, the true skill of an editor is to get at the heart of what needs to be said, and how it can be said.  Of course, spelling is another nice skill too.

There was also the idea that we could write about what we write about here – politics.  There is a mixed blessing in being informed.  To truly see what is going on is to accept the absolute ugliness of it.  To present things, after careful consideration.  You see, facts are meaningless.  William Faulkner once said, “Facts and truth really don’t have much to do with each other.”  Any news group who gives you the facts, without any interpretation of what this all means, is just lying to you.  Of course, given our health problems, and the need for the green pieces of paper, writing biased work doesn’t present itself as too much of a problem, though that would be a last resort.

But the truth is, we are a lost liberal, drifting down this ocean of uncertainty and doubt.  We are a good writer.  We know this.  But, if that isn’t enough.  If having a passion for the truth, and a passion for following what fewer and fewer people care about isn’t enough to get by in this world, what can one do?

Maybe Fox News is hiring.  I could sell my soul for some serious dough.

Peace out,



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  1. Reblogged this on Lucien Maverick's Blog and commented:

    Something that was profound.

  2. Why do you want camaraderie if you want to write? Writing is the loneliest job there is; it’s just you and your thoughts, shaped into sentences and paragraphs. Comrades isn’t going to help you with that.

    Not unless you want them to approve. Not unless you want to shine for someone, and make that someone like you because of what you’ve written. Not unless you want to work for a Cause.

    But if you work for a Cause, you’re not a writer. Then you’re a propagandist. The writer is independent, and thinks his own thoughts.

    My plan is to get a job that pays the rent. Then in my free time I’m going to go out into the world and write about it. I am going to write about what I see, hear, smell, feel, and think.

    I hope I won’t wear a straight jacket of wanting to be liked. I hope I’ll be independent. I hope I won’t wear a label. I hope I’ll see the truth and beauty in the world, as well as the lies and cruelty.

    I don’t need comrades for that. Writing is the loneliest job there is, and because of that it is beautiful.

    • If you write about something you believe you you are a propagandist? That is stupid beyond words. Yeah, all those political writers through the ages were all propagandists, writing about what they think is the correct path for society to take. Machiavelli was like Glenn Beck! A cause is what you believe in. I write for what I believe in. It’s that simple.

      • Yes, Machiavelli wrote a fawning book to the new prince hoping to curry favour for himself by telling him what he thought that the prince wanted to hear. That’s being a propagandist.

        If that’s your aspiration, then good luck. You’re not alone in choosing that path. But yeah, if that’s what you want, you’ll be a propagandist. Like Glenn Beck. But whatever, I can see that my words have annoyed you. Good luck in the future.

      • It didn’t annoy me, just made me think less of you, because you are dead wrong. Machiavelli didn’t just write The Prince. His Discourses were written to tell what he believes is the right path for any potential leader to take. To say that writing ideals is propaganda is pretty much say that any writer who has had an opinion is just the same. Every writer has an ideal, and I guarantee that it forumulates your work. Ideals are who we are, and talking about them doesn’t make you a propagandist.

        But thanks for the comment. It’s always fun to see other sides of the story.

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