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This is going to be a rather brief post, talking about what has happened with the Samantha Koenig case.  I have avoided this subject, not only because it is a very depressing issue, but also because there was no end to it.  Well, the police believe that they found her body in Matanuska Lake.  It is a tragic end to a tragic case, which justice now will never be brought to, because she isn’t going to get to go home to her family.

Of course, for some people, this isn’t a bad thing.  For some people, this is “common sense.”  I refer you to a post that was put on Facebook by a girl named Kylie McCormick –

So, does the idea of shame just not mean anything to this girl?  She is saying “Ha” to the fact that this was just something that is “common sense?”  It boggles the mind how easy it is for people to just turn and say that this kind of statement is free speech.  It is.  She has the right to say it.

However, the Alaskans whose thoughts and prayers went out to Samantha Koenig and her family, they have the right to respond.  Here is one person who doesn’t believe in prayer, but whose thoughts did go out to this person saying his piece –

Kylie McCormick, you are a terrible person.  You are mocking the pain and anguish of a family who was desperately hoping that their daughter was going to come home.  You are insulting the memory of her by saying that it’s good that we can just take down the signs, like this was some minor annoyance.  You have spit in the face of decency by saying that people should just think that murder is common sense, even after anything could have been done to her.

It boggles the mind to ponder just how ugly a person would get a laugh out of taking down the posters of a young woman whose life was tragically cut short (unless it is found out that it is not her body) for reasons that we will never know.  If you are alone for the rest of your life, not loved by anybody, it would be a far more deserving fate for you.  Nobody should harm you, because that would be wrong, but if nobody ever speaks to you again, or gives you a kind word, or a kind glance, the world would be better for it.

The internet is forever, Miss McCormick, and you can bet that these comments are going to follow you around for the rest of your life.  Good thing, too.

Peace out,



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    Some people are just ugly beyond words.

    • Really?!? This has to be one of the worst things I’ve ever read…..SO hurtful & ignorant. I can’t believe someone would want to imply more pain on someone that’s already in SO much pain ~this is very maddening & SAD!!!!

    • bekindtoeachother said:

      No excuse for Kylie’s thoughtless, mean, cruel post. But she did have second thoughts and delete it. For someone to copy it, turn it into a forum to abuse her…villianize her, spread it even further, for more to read it , is stooping as low as she is accused of being!.
      Why give it more attention? Why inflict hurt on another, regarless of whether she is judged to deserve it? It’s just more cruelty but with a form of twisted justification.
      Does hurting the one who hurts another erase the hurt? Or does it simply double it and spread more venom? Why do any of you who are trashing her believe you are able to be judge and jury? From what I know of Samanth, she would be the first to forgive.
      So berater and accuse Kylie if you are without fault. …..But I don’t think Samantha would applaud.

      • Thank you for letting us know she did delete it. I considered reposting, but read your post and decided I agree. Be kind to each other. Sometimes its hard to remember to do that.

      • Words hurt so much more than physical abuse. Some people should just keep their damn mouths shut, like “Kylie.” If you don’t have nothing good to say than don’t say shit at all, otherwise swallow your shit and hope you don’t choke on it. I read the other posts, and for her to be known as a liar by someone who knows her, she needs to swallow her bullshit and choke on it.

      • Lucky it wasn’t her!

      • I absolutely agree.

      • honestly i believe that she just deleted it because somebody gave her shit about it, and she realized it should be deleted…she wrote it for a reason, and it’s because she thought it in the first place. the thought that she thought it in the first place is just as sickening as the posting itself. she deserves to get “abused”. 1 for 1. she abuses someone who’s killed, we abuse her back.

  2. no will kno said:

    Wanna kno the story email me and I will tell you

  3. ihatestupidpeople said:

    she made a mistake,there are more people then just her that are saying its common sense but oh no she mentioned the posters. this is messed up to do to her and really its no better!

    • ihatestupidpeopletoolikeyourself said:

      Kylie is a terrible person. And when Karma does hit her, other immature teenagers will say, “DUH common sense, she was going to be dead…. now take down the stupid posters.” and she’ll feel fucking terrible for what she said about Samantha. Hopefully.

      Maybe ^ above statement is harsh, but it’s a good way to make disrespectful teens see how stupid they’re being.

      She deserves to be brought out on the internet, and she doesn’t think what she said is a mistake. She stands by it. So get over yourself. Mentioning a bad person in a blog is a looooot better then someone saying what she said.

      • Real person said:

        To: Ihatestupidpeople.. Really grow some fucking balls…. So what ur saying is u hate yourself… GROW THE FUCK UP……..

    • Karly Holyfield said:

      shes an idiot and she chose to learn the hard way, we arent doing anything to her that the c*nt didnt do to herself

    • YouknowwhoIam said:

      She made a mistake that pissed off the wrong people. She knew what she was doing. Now she’s claiming it was her “brother”. Haha. I know Kylie personally. For a few years now. That girl doesn’t have a brother. Nor step brother. If your reading Kylie, stop lying for once in your life. I know you bettter than anyone. & you deserve the treatment your getting right now. How could you be so god damn ignorant! What if that was your SON!!!

  4. ihatestupidpeople said:

    there are tons of ppl saying stuff like kylie put there not being hated on all over the world for it on kylie which isnt right.

  5. The Samantha Koenig case is tragic, and my heart goes out to her family and friends. I definitely do not agree with what McCormick said, however, just because she posted something insensitive and rude does not mean that she isn’t deserving of a kind word or kind glance. To say that is extremely harsh. It may seem a petty thing to say, but perhaps miss McCormick has been placed in a cruel world her entire life, and therefore doesn’t KNOW kindness. To ostracize someone for being unkind is also unkind. Everyone needs kindness- and I pray that people understand this and forgive Miss McCormick for what she said. I also pray that everyone keeps her in their prayers as well, since I am sure she is now getting death threats and hate mail too.

  6. I was the one that screen shotted this. I didn’t think it would go this far, at all….

    • no will kno said:

      Look this was a mistake. This was a convo through a message between her and her so called friend. A friend who’s lives there live through drama. This was suppose to mean a bad thing just someone talking to there friend who wants to go and take a screen shot about and show everyone what was said through a message. They call it a message for a reason so no one else has to see it! Does she feel horrible about it yes she does. I’m with Ihatestupidpeople everyday there people older and younger that say stuff like this. Do people through them out on blast no they don’t. People need to get over it. Its a tradgic lost she knos that she was just tired of hearing it from all over.

      • Learn to spell.

      • You are a total piece of shit.

      • Learn to Spell said:

        you are literally the most uneducated person.

      • Real person said:

        Tired of hearing it.. Wow… Has she ever lost someone close to her? Probably not.. Grow the fuck up !!!! There is a family out there that is hurting.. I hope she never has childern and if she does, she will never has to go thru this pain …

      • It wasn’t a message…it was a facebook status update. So she felt this way and wanted everyone to know about it.

      • I live in Alaska, I’ve lived through drama’.. whatever that means. No matter if that was in a personal message or posted on her wall. It was very rude, uncalled for, and completely disrespectful!
        With actions comes consequences, and her consequence happens to be ‘hearing from it all all over’.

      • It was a post not message. Do You know your facebook?

      • It wasnt a message. It was a status. She obviously did not feel bad at all for posting this so why is everybody climbing up this chicks butt to be buddy buddy???

      • spelling? really? said:

        Correcting people on spelling or calling them uneducated is just a way for you to get the last word in. It has nothing to do with the actual argument and is kinda sad that you are replying to people this way because you have nothing worth contributing to the so called “educated” discussion. It doesn’t make a difference whether you are educated or not a girl still was MURDERED and that affects all people, whether or not they are educated. Grow up.

      • cknotts said:

        Weather she wanted people to see it or not, its still fucked up she said that. Apparently she doesn’t have Common scene because if she did she wouldnt have said this. i hope she goes to hell.

    • Well a harshs words in anger are ment to be private an appology is due especially if bad things were to happen to ms.mccormick the remorse you would feel would consume you and there’s no turning back the clock just a lesson to be learned

  7. Heather hull said:

    Yes, Kylie M. Has made a distasteful comment. It appears to me she is a teenager, whom probably hasn’t experienced personal tragedy in her whole 18 years of life & doesn’t understand the impact of what she has written. YOU on the other hand, are bullying on the internet, my dear lefty….. And should know better…shame on you!

    • Yer Mom said:

      People need to take some responsibility for what they write online for everyone to see, this is a good lesson for her to learn and everyone to see.

  8. bullying??? please, Kylie is not a nice person and she posted a rude comment on facebook for all to see, I dont feel sorry for her one bit

    • kylieisrude said:

      kylie is the most disrepectful girl! i know her personally and she is lies about other people and threatens them to. this was coming to her

  9. bullying???? please, Kylie is a disrespectful, rude little punk who deserves all the negative comments she gets, she shouldnt have posted it on facebook

    • doesntmatter said:

      Beacause everyone complaining has neeeeeeever eeeeeeeeever said anything rude or distasteful about anybody to their friends before in their entire life. If you want to throw someone under the bus how about society as a whole thatgives people a belief they can act this way. Or not. Either way, ill sleep fine at night because in the end its only words.

  10. For those standing up for Kylie, you obviously haven’t seen how all of Alaska has come together in hopes of finding Samantha. Every single person here has wondered and prayed about her safe home coming. I’d like to see how Kylie would react to a statement like this after they pull her dead child out of a lake after all of the time she’s spent with her. All the years loving someone, knowing someone, raising someone. Comments like this don’t deserve a small smack on the wrist; they deserve a smack in the face.

    • Real person said:

      I agree..

    • I agree! Coming from Alaska you learn to help others. I’ve lived in many states and Alaska tops them all with a community coming together to help one another

      I love the last sentence:] and i think publicizing it like this would be the smack in the face for her.

      • Im from Alaska also and We stand together when someone is in need so this dumb girl talking shit deserves all that comes to her… Carma…

  11. I do not know Kylie, but I do know that she deleted this disgusting comment she posted. She must have realized what she said was wrong. Everyone is allowed their own opinions. What happened to Samantha IS a horrible thing that nobody should wish upon someone else.
    I’m just saying, bullying is not the answer. People make mistakes and say horrible things all the time…

    Two wrongs don’t make a right…

    • T Bystrov said:

      It’s her first response to a terrible tragedy that makes her a heartless girl

    • Its not a mistake. Dnt give her that. She knew what she wrote! And she knew what she meant.

    • It wasn’t a message. I saw the status myself, and took THIS picture of it and posted it. I regret posting it now. I have the uncropped picture of this status post also, if you don’t believe me. It’s not a private message. Between her and someone else.

      • I don’t know why your trying to defend yourself or her. Its not like your the one that came out and said it. Your one of the ones that think it was completely disrespectful of her to say something like this to someone else’s family. What would she think if someone said this about her family???

      • Mommyofone said:

        I believe anything that is said is fair. She was the “idiotic” one who posted this knowing there were going to be people who disagreed. She brought it upon herself and any body that feels sympathetic towards her I’m sorry, but I personally knew her family. And this hit close to home for me. I believe in freedom of speech but use the so called “common sense” that kylie is talking about and don’t post thing like this.

      • And u dear….. Why the heck Woukd u do that to her???? Like really? What did she ever do to u that made u do a horrible thing and get her beaten up and threatened??? Hmmmm? Wow ur cool.

      • Ur the one here who need to get beaten up

    • Well said…

    • What Kylie said was distasteful, heartless, and rude. I think we have covered that. If you back her up for having her “own opinion” that is your decision. Honestly none of us can understand what the Koenig family is going through right now, because we do not know Samantha, and have not spent years of our lives loving her and watching her grow. However, what we do know is this: a girl in our community (I also live in Alaska) was murdered, and what we should all be focusing on is not a facebook post, but being as supportive as we can for her suffering family, as well as making every effort we can as a community to ensure that something as horrible as this doesn’t happen again. What Kylie said was NOT right, but perhaps we should take all of our anger and frustration and point it towards her killer, who truly deserves to be hated. Or better yet, take our anger and turn it into something good, such as motivation and determination to make our state a safer place, so no family has to go through what the Koenig family did.

      • Mommyofone said:

        I do agree with you, but some of us did personally know her, and her family. Granted there is nothing we can do to fix what happened to her. We have her “supposed” killer in jail. But maybe this girl needs to be taught a lesson

      • I want it on the record that I don’t condone violence against her in this matter. The point of this post was to raise awareness and to teach her that the internet is forever. The best lesson we can teach her is to ignore her, to make her life into solitary confinement where she is alone, forever, loved by nobody. Physical violence will teach her nothing.

      • Ninotchka Snow said:

        Well said, finally a common sense response! Thank you.

  12. Whatever she said, you had no right to publish what she said on your site. It is sickening that you think you can perform some sort of Internet vigilantism and use your site to pick on a kid. I am not saying what she did was right, far from it. I am saying that you need to figure out what is ok and not ok to do for yourself on the Internet.

    • kylieisrude said:

      kylie has done 100x worst things to other people. she deserved this and brought it onto herself. if you knew kylie personally you would see this is something that needed to teach her a lesson

      • wasilla907 said:

        I know Kylie personally. Have for a few years now. She is a lying little girl. She is a horrible person, that I thought was my best friend a few years ago. I am so ashamed I know her.

    • Cassidy said:

      Internet 101 don’t post anything you dont want the world to hear or see. As for the common sense comment maybe this girl needs some. There have been many abduction cases where the people are found alive. I would assume if this Kylie girls friend, sister, cousin or mother was taken she would want all the support and hold on to all the hope they would be brought home safe. Unfortunately that was not the case with Sam and now a young beautiful girl with her whole life ahead of her has been taken. With how big this case was and how many people were hoping and praying for Sam to come home safe you would think Kylie would have the common sense to not post something so hateful.

    • Actually since it’s a public post then as an american you have every right to repost anything.

  13. T Bystrov said:

    What a horrible horrible girl. It makes me
    sick she can be so thoughtless and heartless. I can not imagine what Samantha’s family and loved ones is going through my heart goes out to them. I am a mother of 4 and I cannot imagine the heartache. If something were to happen to you, should the community not help because it’s just too many flyers and support? What a horrible girl

  14. Somedude said:

    Leave it up… people need to think before they post stupid shit all over the place. She thinks she was being funny, but it is better that she learn this painful lesson now. That comment is the kind of comment that gets people fired and sued.

  15. Stephanie said:

    Kylie is a teen mom. She has a little not. Therefore shouldn’t be saying stuff like that. How would she feel if it was her family or friend!

  16. Stephanie said:

    I meant she has a little boy *

  17. My heart goes out to Samantha’s family and friends. I would have to agree with the person that said Kylie is young and immature, i’m sure she did not expect any backlash from her insensitive comments and as far as others making the same comments, well they should also be ashamed of themselves.

    • Yer Mom said:

      I think young and immature are irrelevant, my daughter is ten and would NEVER post something like this, she has more empathy than most people who live their lives will ever have. I teach her love and respect for other people by leading by example. This girl was raised by wolves or trash or she’s a sociopath -whatever. I don’t know if she deserves the trashing she is getting online but I have to admit it is so satisfying to see one of these desensitized little d-bags finally get some whiplash for running their mouth online.

      • Mommyofone said:

        Well said!

      • Mother of four said:

        I agree that this girl needs to understand and learn from what she did. I just hope that your post is not an example of the empathy you’re teaching your daughter. As a mother of 4 adults I would like to share with you, a lot of the time our children learn from what they hear from us when we think they aren’t listening or paying attention.

  18. Well i agree with lefty and you all are stupid that say oh it was just a message. If you have a Facebook you can clearly tell that this is not a message and i don’t think that anyone is putting anyone on blast other than her herself because like i just said you can clearly tell that this is a status. On Facebook a status is put up so everyone can see.

  19. remainunnamed said:

    I’m sorry if you were not taught, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” Hopefully now you will be taught that actions have consequences and the internet doesn’t have an undo. Some people lost everything when they lost Samantha, and that is a hurt nobody has the right to judge.

  20. Jordan rutherford said:

    All you can do is feel sorry for this common indiviual, how pathetic.

  21. SamanthaKoenig said:

    I have come back from the dead to tell all of you to calm down and be nice to each other.

    • Wow, that’s incredibly classy. Mimicking dead people…

      • SamanthaKoenig said:

        Ah, yes, so incredibly satirical and classy. Almost as classy as you reposting this hateful and irreverent blog to shame this “ugly” young girl. The difference between you and I? You’re getting blog hits for slandering someone, I’m just making a point in a comment box. I don’t think Samantha (well, me, I guess) would really be advocating the extensive cyber-bullying that you are promoting (whether intentional or not).

    • whocares said:

      Youre a piece of shit for that comment.putting your name as samantha koenig is more offensive than what this kylie tramp wrote

      • Mommyofone said:

        Are you kidding me!? Who cares? Lol really.grow up.. Would you really want someone talking about you like this when you die one day!

      • Mommyofone said:

        Just realized, didn’t mean to use your name lol am just trying to respond to the comment

      • whocares said:

        Putting their name as samantha koenig and saying they came back from the dead is extremely disrepectful. Grow up? You gotta be fucking kidding me.

      • Mommyofone said:

        @whocares: I wasn’t meaning that towards you. It was towards the jerk who named themselves samantha koenig. I’m sorry, I typed your screen name in there to say something to you about my agreement in what you had said, but never typed it before I sent it haha

      • whocares said:

        Oh okay sorry I got confused!

      • Mommyofone said:

        It’s ok haha. I just felt dumbfounded for a little.I was like what did I say and re read my post. But anywho, this girl kinda reaps what she sews, if you ask me I think she knew what was gonna happen when she posted it

      • SamanthaKoenig said:

        Maybe there is a larger lesson to learn here.

        And yes, of course I knew this would offend people and people would rudely lash out. Ironic, right? Ah, irony is all over this page.

    • You are Sick!!!!!

  22. I am embarrassed for you. Shame on you, I hope you don’t go through a tragic event like this, you should really apologize.

  23. Concered said:

    What she said wasn’t nice at all but it’s immature and stupid for everyone to sit here and say mean things about her it doesn’t make you any better of a person. I’ve seen this picture on alot of my friends pages and whoever put it out there to begin with isn’t truly her friend. 

  24. Wow! Unbelievably cruel!!!! I pray that nothing bad ever happens to your family because that is something that noone should ever ever wish for but really?!?!? What if she were your best friend… your cousin… Your sister?!?!? What would you feel the need to say then?!?!?!

  25. I know Kylie personally and I know for a fact she didn’t mean for it so sound so negative. Yes it was wrong of her to say it and it shouldn’t have been said but she also doesn’t deserve all this negativity. Some people don’t think before they speak. As for the ‘I hope she never has children’ comment, she has a beautiful baby boy that she takes wonderful care of. My prayers go out to Samantha’s family and have since the day she disappeared. And now they go to Kylie and her family because I know she’s going to pay for it for a long time and that is sad.

    • Mommyofone said:

      Ok so you know her personally, cool, that fact won’t ever take back the feelings I felt when I read the post, I know samanthas family, what your “friend” said, she knew negative shit would happen when she posted this. Reap what you sew, that’s all I have to say. I don’t wish any harm to her or her family, and I’m sure she’s a great mother, but I do hope that this teaches her lesson.

  26. Unknown said:

    Well if this girl ever goes missing we will make sure not to post any fliers about it
    since clearly she wouldn’t want them up. This girl is disrespectful and deserves to be hated all over the world. She is an adult and made an adult decision to say those things so now she has to deal with the consequences of her actions, just like an adult. Also, correcting people on spelling or calling them uneducated is just a way for you to get the last word in. It has nothing to do with the actual argument and is kinda sad that you are replying to people this way because you have nothing worth contributing to so called “educted” discussion. It doesn’t make a difference whether you are educated or not a girl still was MURDERED and that affects all people, whether or not they are educated. Grow up.

    • I was thinking the same thing! If Kylie ever goes missing obviously she wants us to assume shes dead, not look for her and not put up posters…. I cant believe this girl didnt even think about what if this happened to her. We dont even know the extent of what happened to samantha, but it probably was a quick painless death and any NORMAL person should feel horrible about that. And for those that think that Kylie doesnt deserve this …. There are a lot of very angry and upset people that are raging because samantha was found dead- not alive, and now that angry mob of people have an outlet to direct their rage toward someone (kylie) who is as nonchalant about it as Sam’s murderer is. And that makes her a horrible person who deserves to get taken down a few pegs.

  27. Kylie McCormick, How fucking embarrassing for your parents to see what an ugly ugly person they raised… I hope to the high heaven that your CHILD that was not kidnapped and murdered ever heard about this… You disgusting fucking person… I would love to clean your clock but I am a lady and will just talk shit about you… You fucking worthless cunt…

  28. Thank you Lefty! I have been thinking of Samantha and her family all day, such a tragedy! I also cannot get out of my mind, these horrible comments posted on Ak. Dispatch by some of these “people”! I have an 18 year old daughter…. I cannot even fathom what this family is going through!!! The greater Alsaka weeps! :’ (

  29. This kylie girl isnt the only one saying discusting things her fellow immature friends are as well. Its all over Facebook. I personally had so much hope that Samantha would be found safe and unharmed and im appauled that these nasty little teenage girls are saying things like this.They all are Hopeless foul heartless girls who deserve absolutly no respect and i feel her family should be able to press charges on them. And Facebook should deleate there accounts!

    • whocares said:

      It may be wrong what she said. But if FB deleted her account, and the family pressed charges….it would go against the 1st ammendment. All of you are being so hateful, as she was too. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Also, STICK AND STONESSSS.. they’re just words.

  30. kymbo slyce said:

    I second that and would like to say that its sad this follow female didn’t have any compassion or respect for the dead and further more Samanthas family and tried with evertmything they had to put her story and picture out there and for someone to be that disrespectful at their attempt to find her alive is wrong, highly insensitive, and just pain inhumane

  31. Joseph Peter Lunn said:

    im just glad that the family of this girl can finally put her to rest

  32. You guys need to grow up. Kylie said something that was hurtful yes. But I’m sure he didn’t mean it….. You guy need to focus more on the pain and agony of her being gone nd whoever the asshole is tht killed her instead of threatening, posting mean thins about her, and wanting to beat her up, like really guys… Forgive the girl.. She doesn’t deserve this hateful and mean things u guys r saying ab her. What she said was hurtful yes. But still focus more on the a hole who did this to Samantha and focus on the pain get family is feeling instead of threatening Kylie. Pekase people grow up!

  33. She’s a young, immature, girl….teenagers say things all the time that make no sense, or are outright appalling! I’m sure she regrets what she said, therefore reason why she deleted her comment. This girl is obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed. If she had any sense, she would post a statement, retracting the previous one. God Bless Samantha and her family in this tragic time. I am originally from Anchorage, but live in Virginia Beach, VA right now. My sister who was here visiting, informed me of this story, I as all the others, wished so desperately that she would be found alive and well!

  34. Darby Sullivan said:

    Lefty couldn’t have said it better Kylie McCormick! What a horrible thing to laugh about. How would you feel if Samantha was your sister, cousin, BFF? You have no respect for mankind…therefore you deserve none! What kind of corrupted punks is our society raising these days?!?

  35. To the people defending Kylie. 1) She has not posted an apology (as of yet). 2) She is a prime example of little shit heads on the internet posting rudeness and thinking that there are no repercussions. 3) She has lied and said that it wasnt her (even though her friends and family are admitting it was) 4)Her comment in any light was utterly disrespectful and as harsh as this all is, its a lesson that she obviously needed to learn, hopefully it makes her a better person eventually. She has a little child … if not for her sake, than for her childs, she needs to learn humility and the value of human life, otherwise she’ll probably end up as another Casey Anthony.

    • Facebook,Twitter,Etc., The new Whipping Post. Freedom of Speech is glorious, righteous,
      & manditory for a free society. Kylie – yes you exercised your freedom to publicly embarrass yourself.Thats all. There is no end to the constant slander and public humiliation that now occurs regularly online. if you know a Bully like Kylie, remember, ignorant people truly do not know the extent of thier stupidity. i’m not a christian, but this quote from Jesus is a good one.
      ”Forgive them for they know not what they do”

  36. what'swrongwiththissociety said:

  37. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”… or “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t through stones”
    I don’t condone what she said, I don’t agree it was mean and thoughtless. To post her words and first name would have been plenty to show her how words hurt, but to post her full name, and photo is irresponsible, if something happens to her, its on you “depraved indifference ” I believe its called, and you could be legally liable.

    • That was supposed to be ” I agree it was mean and thoughtless” I appplogize for my auto correct.

    • i doubt they’d be legally liable since her profile (at the time) wasnt private …. meaning anyone could already read her effed up comment.

  38. Natalie said:

    Now why are people’s ugly responses published? I grew up in a community where we learn to help each other out when someone’s loved one passes, cause one day it will be our turn. People will remember this girls comments, that is sad! I wonder when her time comes, what will people say about her?:( think about it young lady! My condolences to Samantha’s family! I have a daughter! And my world would be broken of this happened to her!:(

  39. I say leave the signs up or make some in memory of Samantha .. Kylie McCormick is a heartless snot

  40. What that girl wrote was so messed up I don’t care what age she is it’s ridiculous. I am so sorry for this family and prayers are with you…

  41. Christina said:

    I’ve heard and seen her around before, she’s a mom and sleeps around a lot! .. a cold hearted person is what she is. I mean, what if that was her child? Seems like she doesn’t give a shit about anybody but herself.. It’s just so sad.

  42. Lefty, it wasn’t only Alaskans who were hoping and praying for her safe return. News of her abduction and appeals for her return were all across the lower 48.
    Regardless of whose body it is determined to be, some young woman’s life has indeed tragically cut short. And my heart goes out to her loved ones. I pray also for Kylie that her eyes and heart might be opened to her dastardly act, and she might spend the rest of her life in a compassionate endeavor.

    Thank you, Lefty, for sharing this.

  43. Kelly Profitt said:

    Wow!!!  She obviously has no empathy….how very shallow a person she is. Yes…let her fate be…loneliness…never knowing love and tenderness or compassion or true laughter. Let her live a life with no real true friends to comfort her in her moments of pain…she will never suffer loss…she has nothing to lose. Shame on her….God bless Samantha and her family…such a tragic loss ❤

  44. Kelly Profitt said:

    Wow!!! She obviously has no empathy….how very shallow a person she is. Yes…let her fate be…loneliness…never knowing love and tenderness or compassion or true laughter. Let her live a life with no real true friends to comfort her in her moments of pain…she will never suffer loss…she has nothing to lose. Shame on her….God bless Samantha and her family…such a tragic loss ♥

  45. 1. Let tho without sin cast the first stone
    2.we all make mistakes don’t judge to harshly
    3. Let’s keep the posters up as candle that keeps burning for this young girls soul we lost to an unknown battle we’ll never know the struggles she faced but in our prayers she stood in our hopes we waited for her return.
    Peace she is now gone to a brighter place to be unscorrned by this worlds disgrace lets not look down on one another let’s hold together against this endless war and fight as one to make sure that the darkness doesn’t fall on another

  46. John verse said:

    And then jesus said, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”
    You are all doing to this girl what she has regrettably done to Samantha. What makes any of you holy enough to judge and terrorize this girl for her actions?

  47. This girl made a very insensitive comment about Koenig. She does make a point that seems invalid since it’s hard to overlook the other ridiculous things she had said. Which is ‘mainly’ to the fact that people die all the time and they don’t receive the attention and sympathy that the media and public gave in this case. Say as an example, an older guy who isn’t as cute and innocent as she is, which in my head seems to happen more frequently like she may be thinking and doesn’t receive the same attention. Now when you turn the table the other way. IMO all the people who blasted posters everywhere for this girl (which was very kind), would have never done this to this extent for the average Joe that lives down the street, or the bum that you see walking the street. Now that to me, is very wrong to treat people with inequality no matter the age, race, gender. That’s what she was getting at, but may have been to frustrated about it to convey it in a more sensitive and mature way. P.S. My apologies to her family, her dad’s website really made it hit home with all the pictures.

    • I don’t believe that this is anything close to what she was meaning top say.

    • alaskat said:

      People are treated differently according to the choices they make. You can’t treat everyone exactly the same. Really give it some thought. Would you want a person with a mental handicap treated equally with a mensa member? Would you treat the person responsible for Ms.Koenig’s death the same way you’d treat an eighteen year old girl who was trying to find her way in life doing normal, typical things like having a job? Give it some thought.

  48. wasilla said:

    You are all insane and fake. I bet over half of you laughed at the jokes that came out the day gary coleman, or whitneyhouston died. Im sure it was an impulse post. She was probably trying to be funny but did not think about it or word her thoughts correctly. For all of you to ostricize her, makes you know better. How about instead of lashing out, you try to help her see why it was wrong. You are all bad examples of alaskans. Sad that something that brought the community together, also turned it against

  49. wasilla said:

    Has turned everyone against people in such a disgusting way. Shame on her, shame on all of YOU!

  50. shameonyou said:

    Are you people serious?

    You want something horrible to befall another young girl after a tragedy like Samantha’s?

    Why can’t you people just grieve, what is with all these threats of violence on another girl? It is disgusting. You people should be just as ashamed of yourselves as this Kylie girl for her thoughtless post at a saddening time.

    I hope everyone with some sense of decency takes screen shots of any threats of violence they see against this girl, so that if something awful was to happen because of some idiot[s], the police can find the person or people to commit the act.

    My thoughts and prayers for Samantha, who should be the only focus. May she rest in peace and her family find peace as well.

  51. douglas said:

    Funny how people can be so tough when they’re anonymous behind a scrern.

  52. Hating the hateful will not make any of us more loving people.

  53. dmalarcie said:

    I have to say I am tired of hearing excuses, well she is young and didn’t know any better, maybe she grew up in a home without love. Lefty’s post may have been harsh but so was ms.McCormick. I don’t care if this message was just meant for her friends..what kind of friends would think this kind of thing is funny. Do you think, as she was “joking” around with her buddies when she wrote this, she was thinking even a little of what Samanth Koenig’s family has and continues to go through. No, probably not. I think what people are forgetting is that Samantha Koenig was a real girl, someone who isn’t going to see her next birthday…and that there is someone out there that did this to her, someone who is living ad breathing while Samantha is not….lets not let ms.McCormicks comments make us forget who the real bad guy is in this situation!

    • It is good everyone has much to say , this is so tragic , and it makes my heart sad . All are suffering unfortunately , and Love is the answer ~ my mother gave birth to me , she Love me bee fore I was even born . All of us began … Are whole planet is very very sick , it make me sad , so I try very hard not too bee so cruel .
      Lead by your own Example how You wish others too Bee . I have failed at this too but I keep trying ……
      Peace to all

  54. Shame on all of you. EPIC FAILURE!!! said:

    I find I’m seriously disturbed by just about ALL these commentaries. What she wrote was immature and yes; wrong. She’s a kid and kid’s say the darndest things. What I’d love to see is some basic ‘understanding’ that kids say things that are inappropriate and they do make mistakes. I don’t know her. Don’t care too. Reading the hateful words written by those older then her is in my opinion WORSE then what she wrote. The Koenig family has carried themselves with nothing but dignity and grace through this entire ordeal. I have so much respect for this family and so much remorse for what they have endured and continue to endure. NO child deserves to be bullied, threatened, cursed at, etc. Should any of the Koenig’s be reading this; I would almost bet they would be so ashamed of not only her comment regarding Samantha but of all of you that have ‘reacted’ to it. I’ve read that she’s a horrible person. A liar. That she’s done bad things to people and all of that may well be true. It isn’t any of our places to judge. There is only ONE judge and if you don’t know him; you should. Again, she’s wrong and her words ‘stung’ pretty badly, but let it go. It isn’t your place nor your right to tear a person to shreds. It makes you ‘appear’ equally as ignorant, vile, and immoral. The only thing anyone should be focusing on is how to help our community make sure this evil man never sees the light of day again. Or how we can rebuild our community for any and all children to be safer. I’m sure the Koenig family would love something positive to come from all the negative. It’s been a really long ordeal for this family and it isn’t over yet for any of them. For any of them to see all of this …………… crap, is truly horrid. I have 3 children. One grandchild. I can’t even imagine, not to any degree, what this horror has been like for the Koenigs. My mind can’t even fathom the pain and fear day in, day out, day after day and now learning that she won’t be coming home at all. The smallest shred of hope they carried now …….. gone. All of you are shameful. Truly shameful. I’m a pure bred Alaskan and honestly? I pray I never meet any of you. I hope my children don’t know your children. I would not want my kids exposed to such vile and contentious individuals. ALASKANS ralley together; as one. Doesn’t matter if we know each other or not………. we ralley. WE DON’T ACT LIKE THIS! So please; all of you, please stop and just let this entire ‘issue’ drop. Let it go. As for the young one that started this nightmare of a ‘blog’ in the first place? You really need to stop and think before you speak. Make sure that what you write is exactly what you mean and that it can’t be misinterpreted by someone else to mean something you may or may not have meant it too. I believe in forgivness for those that can learn from the wrongs they make and earnestly are sorry. I don’t know that you are. I suggest you take a really long hard look at all these posts and see the error of your ways because honestly………. your setting yourself up for potential danger. Real danger. I don’t want to see your picture on any ‘signs’. I don’t want to see your face on the news nor your loved ones desperately searching for you and in so much pain and agony. I don’t want that for anyone. So please; think before you speak and write. Stay safe.

    • She’s not “a kid”. She has a child of her own, which, quite honestly is quite disturbing!!

      • Unknown said:

        Yeah she is frickin 18 which is an adult in this country! Stop referring to her as a child! She’s not!

  55. ConcernedInWasilla said:

    I being a mother of 4 beautiful daughters am very disheartened, that this could happen in this state. That a life could be pulled out of a place of work and so tragically ended. That is why this has tugged the collective heart string of so very many people, not only here in this great state, but around the country. This young girl was abducted from work, an 18 year old girl working, not out on the streets, not partying, working. It reached the hearts of parents, it reached the hearts of grandparents, employers, employees, and officials. Were others in danger? It struck a chord of fear, anxiety and compassion. Many felt their own well being threatened. As a community, Alaska stepped up, Samantha became Alaska’s child, stollen in the night. People worked tirelessly to spread the word, to bring Samantha home, for her family for us all. Sure there are posters everywhere, GOOD! Sure it has been all over the news, GOOD! As we all know, this did not conclude as we had all hoped and prayed for.

    Now, after all of that, I have seen a few other posts such as this one, and it makes me sadder. My 18 year old daughter has tried to reason compassion with some; others do not get the same attention; soldiers die every day; she didn’t do anything; she deserves no attention. To that I have to agree, she did nothing to deserve this attention, she went to work, another regular day. What she did was perish at the hands of a killer. It is my hope that this never happens to another family or community, but that is unreasonable as random vile things happen every day. We all need to offer compassion for others, as it could at any moment, be your need for the very compassion and empathy you failed to offer. I would offer that his young lady needs to look within, she alone has to live with her own hate which is far worse than being the hater, as the hated can walk away. A life without empathy and compassion for the strife of others is a selfish life indeed, and a selfish life is a lonely one.

    I have said the word compassion very many times, for a reason; I was pointed to this blog by my daughter. After her reading it all, after two days of posting support for Samantha’s family and friends, my daughter, as I stated another 18 year old, looked at me and said “Mom, I really worry about the level of compassion within my generation.” And no we are not a particularly religious family, but we are a good compassionate loving family. Always treat others as you yourself would want to be treated Kylie, as well as, those who offer hatred towards her and her severe lapse of good judgment and empathy.

    • She may not have done anything to better your life but she was important to her family and that’s why there was so much attention brought to this case. James wouldn’t let us forget what his daughter meant to him and he wanted her back. If this was a situation you were in, you would do the same. Stop making excuses for Kylie and anyone else who posted such disgusting words. There is no excuse for this………

      • Also Concerned In Wasilla said:

        Nowhere in the above post you have replied to was Kylie made an excuse for or supported. The following, “others do not get the same attention; soldiers die every day; she didn’t do anything; she deserves no attention. To that I have to agree, she did nothing to deserve this attention, she went to work, another regular day.” were allusions to the wrong and unjust things that have been spewed about Samantha in the last few days.

      • ConcernedInWasilla said:

        Maybe I should have used a tad less literate verbiage for “Everyone stop being asses.” I said nothing like what you apparently read, try again with your literacy head on. What I did say was exactly why Samantha was important to everyone, as well as, other things being said, and not only by Kylie, and why it is important to be compassionate and empathetic, which obiously escaped your grasp. I make NO EXCUSE for one a single person on this thread.

  56. Brittany said:

    Jeeeeezzzzz… I am a bit shocked about the amount of energy being put forth in giving Kylie McCormick recognition (negative of course) for her nasty status. It seems to me that this blog was illustrated in a defensive manner (not unexpected considering the circumstances). HOWEVER, Samantha Koenig’s body was just recovered and not in the condition all of Alaska and her family was hoping and praying for. It is a heartbreaking situation and I personally would rather give my energy in offering my condolences and respect to Samanthas family.

    Glorifying Miss McCormick for her insensitive, disrespectful, heartless status update is not the way to go… We are human and are unfortunately drawn into drama, but perhaps we should take our energy and direct it towards glorifying Samantha’s memory… Instead of Kylie’s ignorant post. We all know it was a nasty thing to say… It’s been talked about enough. It’s about SAMANTHA not Kylie.

    • she kinda deserve it. said:

      It think all the remarks makes towards her justify what she was looking for. Clearly i think this is what she wanted anyways, but your rite lets leave her be and think about her comment she made while trying to focus more on the fact a girl who did not deserve this tragic end. Like i’ve said, she(Kylie) clearly need to own up to her actions and her post. Until. Bvthen will just keep drowning her in threats and hatre slurs. I do feel bad for lil girl and the choice of action she choose to get attentions.

  57. sad alaskan said:

    I have read a lot of the responses and Miss McCormick has stirred many emotions and responses. Some of which are very alarming. I live in the city that Samantha was found. My heart breaks for the family and friends. I wish no ill will on Miss McCormick, however, she does need to realize her mouth has caused great grief and she is welcoming such emotional responses from her lack of compassion. Many have posted “excuses” for her, I have not seen 1 response from her defending or apologizing for her behavior. It is sad that we have people out there that could not give a care for others and blindly write what comes off the top of their heads. These are the people I wish never to meet. So, that being said, Miss McCormick-please do not ever come to our great town of Wasilla (all I saw spelled in reverse) and all the people who offer excuses for her-please refrain from coming here. We don’t want or need you. We are a compassionate place. We do care about our neighbors. We don’t need that kind of infection festering here.

  58. What I want to know is if Kylie has ever suffered from a loss? Clearly from her statement, she hasn’t and has absolutely no clue what it fucking feels like. So, before you go and run your mouth with stupidity why don’t you think about the remembrance of a beautiful young lady, with a life cut short. And, remember your comments when you lose someone because once is found out, I am sure that someone will not give you any sympathy, and say something like you have. Karma is a bitch, and I hope you fucking enjoy it.

  59. Most of the comments being posted about this statement are more negative then the actual statement. The statement was very ignorant and should not be posted. However the state fostered no direct attacks, and was more cynical than anything. She was not say she was glad any of this happened. She just had a very cynical take of the event from an outside perspective. It is no different than comments made by many comedians or residents of larger cities. From the perspective of someone how has lived in both New York, and Los Angeles, this is a pretty standard thought process when something like this happens to someone the person does not know. The wish harm against a person because they posted in ignorant comment is worse than what was even said originally.

  60. fnreally said:

    I pray that the family and friends closest to Samantha never see any of these posts even this one. There is no justification on any parties to continue this mascarade. Yes the statement was a mistake. Forgive and forget if you can either way for the sake of the ones who hurt the most please drop this subject. Our judgements at this time are moot and are useless other than a topic for discussion. So please drop this subject

  61. Is what it is said:

    May Samatha now rest in peace and bless the family and friends who didn’t lose a day trying to get her back. Everyone did what they could and in the end it was a start to a horrible beginning. Koeings you will be in my thoughts and in my prayers.

    As for the rest of this crap I have just read. Ms. M did this for attention. She didn’t do it because that’s how she feels she did it to see the reaction of this. And all of you fell into it. She said a horrible thing kids do that. Like others said the way she was raised was different. Even though that may be the case comments that she made should still be monitored and corrected. But she ant go back. Only u ms. M can make this right or these people will eat you alive. Ps you pissed off alot of people and people are dangerous when on the same page. Just a heads up.

  62. Bobbys daughter said:

    What that girl said was horrible for sue but your just as horrible for this crap there’s so many people out there that have said just as bad if not worse you gonna make a page just for them I mean really WTF do u have to gain except for making someone else look worse than you.

    • I'm Hope. said:

      May Samantha be a remembered for the beautiful person she was not the tragic end she met. Her memory should not be tainted with any amount of hate, anger, or negativity. As Alaskans we should remain united in the same effort as we were when looking for Miss Koenig. If we can no longer search tirelessly for her then we should fight tirelessly to protect her memory. Let her be a reminder to Young women and parents that there is always a chance of this happening to them or the one they love. Now I can understand why Lefty wrote what she did about Kylie. But this all has gone much too far and I dont doubt that Kylie realizes that she did a very disresectful, hurtful thing. Lets all hope she learns to use more care with her words and how she shares them. I honestly don’t believe that anything more can be said or done to Kylie to make things different.

      Please let it go. Respect Samantha and her memory. Begin with forgetting about what McCormick did. Start thinking about you as an individual can do as a positive for yourself and for Samantha.

    • she kinda deserve it. said:

      Please when you do have sources of all those “people” saying something just as bad as this girl Kylie did, please do post it up.lmao. do u not get it, apparently Kylie is the only person they got a hold of and posted her incensitive shits on the internet. And I think these people directing their hate towards Kylie, will do the same to any other incencitive, uncompassionate, shit head who would say something about it anyways. Come on if this happens to your love ones and some idiot post about it online saying “oh good ridden,” im pretty sure u wouldn’t sit still until your hatre towards that person is gone outta you.

  63. Mckenzie said:

    Seriously people stop harassing kylie and threatening Kylie. She made a mistake in writing something hurtful people do it but we eventually move on from it and learn to forgive. You can’t hate her forever. She doesnt deserve the death threats nor the bullying. It’s a lesson learned. I hope she learns from it. But she does not deserve all this hatred.

    • she kinda deserve it. said:

      Again she haven’t even come up to the plate and make her apologies public, or in this case back her shit up. She kinda do deserve of the hatre by everybody who are affected by this tregedy.but in do time maybe, can’t say for sure how long one hold on to “hate” though…i dnt like to say it. But i do kinda feel bad for this lil girl for her insult on the family and community of Samatha Koenig.

  64. Wait... said:

    Why is this blog penned as “journal’s” blog? There is nothing journalistic about this vile article. Come on, let’s grow up Lefty and maintain some journalistic integrity. No need to stoop to Kylie’s level.

    • she kinda deserve it. said:

      She had it not saying its right but clearly 1 way or the other someone was gon say sumthin about her comment. I haven’t even reply to a remark the police said about Samanthan Koenig too. Quoting “this is a typical type for these kinda situations.” I won’t be surprise if the police who made that statement is related to Kylie by any means.

  65. Cherice said:

    The comments made by Kylie McCormick show just how young and ignorant she is. True, though that we all make mistakes and at some point our “punishments” will end. However, Kylie posted this online, and completely disrespected the family, friends, and community that have surrounded Samantha Koenig and the last couple months of a national search for her. Laughing and mocking a tragic event is not something she can just say sorry for. Unfortunately for this young girl I see many hardships in life as a result of her naive arrogance. I hope that she learns from this and makes a public apology to the community, and to the family, and never makes such a terrible mistake again.

  66. I have read all of the posts on here and all I can say is, just like her, everyone is entitled to their opinion. What she said was disgusting and literally made my stomach turn. How could she be so heartless? I don’t think this girl was ever taught to have compassion for others and that falls on her parents. They are responsible for teaching her how to love her fellow man. What went wrong? This is what went wrong, some people teach their children that they are the most important people in this world and they some how translate that to ” I’m better than you”. I think she is nothing more than a spoiled rich girl that wanted attention. This was not a mistake, this was a clear case of intention to hurt. Kylie, for your childs sake, I hope you learn compassion because if something like this was to happen to you or your child you would hope that the community would feel the same compassion for you that they did for Samantha. I will pray for you……… as we all should.

  67. It seems like we have all missed the most important point here. Samantha is gone. She died in a terrible manner. Someone decided that taking her life was their job. Now we can go on, pretending that we knew her, pretending that we are her ( like someone did) and saying nasty things about the posters that were so kindly put up to help find her. Or we can pray for her family to find peace and for them to have brighter days ahead. I can’t even imagine what they would say or do if they saw all this being said about their daughter, sister or loved family member. To those who are saying the nasty things about her and pretending to be her, you will live the rest of your life with the memory of what you have done and said. Not a day will go by that you will not think of the sorrow you caused, and how disrespectful you acted towards Samantha and her family. These thoughts will eat you up, cause you pain and you will wonder some day just how you could have said such or done such a hateful a thing.

  68. As a mother how would she feel if it was her son they found in that lake.. I do not believe in violence, but I also don’t believe people should be defending her.. What she said was 100 percent disrespectful to Samantha’s family, an everyone who had hopes that samatha would still be alive.. My prays go out to Samantha’s family and friends.. I also pray for Kylie, because right now she needs it..

  69. Natasha said:

    I am the mother of a teenage daughter. I am old enough to have seen this horror before. My heart breaks for Samantha’s family. As a parent we are terrified to let our kids out of our site the minute they are born. This little girl will regret this flipid comment this rest of her life. I wish kids understood how hurtful social media can be. I seriously doubt (I hope) she was just not well spoken enough to communicate her feelings. She needs to be forgiven for her ignorance so another girl isn’t destroyed by this tragidy.

  70. Fact is…… If anyone of you, that are defending Kylie, had lost someone and she said this about them, you would be just as disgusted and hurt. It is easy to say that she is just young and immature, but when it really comes down to it, put yourself in James’ shoes before you stand up for something so evil and cold hearted. May none of you ever have to feel what James and his family are going through. He did everything he could to put her face out there so WE could help find her. Kylie’s comment about how it was obvious she was dead…… I have 2 names for you, Jaycee Dugard and Elizabeth Smart. It’s called HOPE……………

  71. noneyobidnezz.hahaha said:

    Wow. I am not replying to defend what this incesitive little girl said, everybody is entitle to their opinion, with that said, bac ur shit up!!! Yes everybody have a mouth no one else have. But thats jst ignorant, incensitive what she said. Please do take the advices said on here miss Kylie M. Think next time before saying something, especially on the internet, if you haven’t learn that yet, jst watch yo bac in the near future, cuz someone will cloCc u in your fuCcn face one of these days. This is not a threat jst word of advice.

    And for those of you who are tryin to defend this girl saying this and that, it can only go so far. Forgiveness is in line when she ask for it. Forgiveness is inline when she makes the first move to ask for it. Which clearly I’m not seeing anything said by her. Yes kindness is a language not all understand. I personally sometimes don’t administor kindness in my life.. but does not mean i don’t feel compassion for idiots making stupid status updates, does not mean i leave incencitive comments toward someones deseased love ones. I really hope this is an eye opener for her, to take responsibility for her action, does this girl deserve (Kiely M.) The treatment shes getting for her comment? give or take….maybe, maybe not does not change the fact she posted this idiocracy on FB!

  72. I say shame on you for some of the comments you made. I totally disagree with this girl’s comments on FB. They were disgusting and completely insensitive. However, you are just growing the hatred in the community against her. It is nothing more than mob mentality. You have pretty much given the go ahead to lynch this girl. To say she is a terrible person and glad that this will follow her around the rest of her life puts you in the same boat she is.

  73. Alaskan girl said:

    She has a damn point though, people die every single day, and people are gonna sit here and abuse this young girl of her ignorance. Why just care about ONE single person who died when everyday people DIE. It was common sense, if she was gone for that long, i mean come on> look at all these other kidnapping cases, 90% of the time the victim dies> leave her the hell alone. She made a mistake and realized it. I cant even find her on facebook to tell her its gonna be ok. You people dont have the right to sit here and belittle her or punish her with your words. You people dont wear gowns or own a gavel, you freakin people arent certified judges so LEAVE KYLIE ALONE

    • People die everyday, yes. But they are not murdered everyday! You say 90% of the time tr person is dead, well that leaves 10% for her friend and family to hold on to with everything they have. People get kidnapped and do come home months or even years later so it makes since that the family was holding on so desperately to that 10%. If you dont get that then you are just as heartless and dumb as Kylie

  74. Mick Olstad said:

    Kylie is a slutty twat who doesn’t know who her sons father is!

    • Your dumb this isn’t about if Kylie is a slut this is about what she said you idiot. Don’t you have some nerve. I bet your a chick out to get her anyways so you should just be quiet!

  75. Stephanie2005 said:

    This is seriously ALL soooooo awful! I was raised in AK and have worked at a coffee shop just like Samantha since I was 16, I put up a TON of signs and passed hundredsssss out to every single person that came by my coffee shop. It was a scary winter, not knowing if the person that’s walking up to the window is going to try to kidnap, rape, rob, or anything bad happen to you! We had to change things to make sure myself and all my girls felt safe. I was interviewed for the news about what we might be doing differently because of what happened to Samantha. Which was, we all had pepper spray(we had a gun in the shop, but one of the girls parents didn’t like that so it was taken out), put bars in the windows so that they couldn’t open enough for somebody to jump through, a girl would go open and go close with the original girl working so that when it was dark nobody would be alone and the girls had to either call my boss or myself to let someone no when they were leaving the shop, whether it was Togo to the bathroom, freezers, or to leave.

    I am only 25 years old, Samantha was 18! I can’t even begin to imagine how scared she was.. I think people need to not care about what awful thing this Kylie girl wrote on FB and care about Samantha Koenig and how we can make sure it NEVER happens again. There are sooooo many girls who work at coffee shops, i myself have worked at some in not so great locations and it’s scary. I am not saying what Kylie did was right, in anyway. I thinks it’s awful what she wrote, but she made a mistake and hopefully regrets it, threatening her doesn’t make anybody a better person. For all the people who feel this way let’s just hope that we can make something good for James, Samantha’s father, happen outve her awful and wayyyy too early death. I hope nothing bad for Kylie, except for her to learn from what she wrote and never talk like that again. I think it’s a good thing this was written and shown though, so that other young kids can see it and realize how messed up it is, and how mean and hurtful people CAN be. Doesn’t meant that they are a bad person though. Kids say the darnest things! And at 18 she is still a kid, even though she has a kid! Doesn’t make her an adult. When she asks for forgiveness and says sorry then she will be an adult. People make mistakes but 2 wrongs don’t make a right, and threatening this little girl won’t make Samantha come back. And doing anything hurtful to this girl also won’t bring Samantha back. Be the bigger people here and forgive Kylie.

    TRY to teach the new generation of kids to BE compassionate AND caring of others. Alaska is an amazing state and we all came together when we needed to for Samantha. And I have faith that as Alaskans we will always continue to do this for one another. Even if something was to happen to Kylie I would hope we would still do the same for her. But people who wrote awful things about her, i understand that you were mad, upset, and much more but what you’ve said isn’t any better than what she did. I believe in karma and what goes around comes around. I’m sure she regrets what she said, not cuz I no her, cuz I don’t, but because I no every single person has said something mean or hurtful in their lives that they can’t take back.. Penny for your thoughts?! I think we should just forgive and move on. Think of Samantha, such a young and beautiful girl is gone, something good and postive needs to come from her death. Not negative!

    I NO that if Samantha’s friends and family read this that they wouldn’t wish anything bad to happen to Kylie. Not after what they have been through. Up days and nights looking for Samantha. I hope she rests in paradise. Such a sad ending to her story. R.I.P. Samantha Koenig!! ❤

    • Kylieisevil said:

      Kylie is the biggest slut I’ve met in my life. Her parents raise her child. She is certainly evil and is nuts to boot.

  76. Kylieisevil said:

    It’s funny I came across this as I know Kylie personally and what I read she said completely checks out with the kind of person she is. She is a complete whore who fucks an average of a new guy or two a month, works menial minimum wage jobs that she frequently loses, has a son who is raised by her parents, constantly lies and is dishonest, and treats those around her like total shit. She deserves all of this and more. I truly think someone needs to seriously mess her up and clean her clock for this utterly distasteful, disrespectful comment she made. In my time as her friend which I highly regret she really showed me what a shitty person she is and seeing this that she posted five years ago cements in my mind how terrible she is. Kylie is nothing more than an insensitive cum dumpster who deserves all the worst in life. Let’s hope some prospective employers see this in the future too.

    • This i terrible. I know Kylie too and she is a sweetheart. Can you please take down these comments. It has been five years.

      • Joe Johnson said:

        In reference to I made some terrible comments regarding my ex girlfriend Kylie on a
        five year old blog of yours. The last three comments on that blog are
        all by me (if the third one gets approved where I said something nice to try to lessen the blow) and if you could delete them I’d appreciate it so much.
        Please let me know if you can because the fact I posted it makes me
        feel incredibly bad as I have been obsessing over my impolite decision. Thank you so much.

      • I don’t moderate comments. If people want to be pricks, that’s their call.

  77. Joe Johnson said:

    You’re a prick ha

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