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Well, the truth may never truly be explained about what happened to Trayvon Martin.  The one piece of evidence that has been determined is that Zimmerman’s story is a complete farce.  This man lied outright about being in danger, and the world knows it.  But he still walks free.  This man is getting away with murder.

Or is he?

Enter the internet.  This lovely domain where all ideas are welcome, and anybody can voice an opinion.  Along with the internet has come a new form of group-mentality.  The mentality is that the group comes to consensus about something, and it spreads.  For things like this, when an injustice is committed, it spreads across the internet, and from there, the bulk of the people are able to get involved.

So what does that mean for Zimmerman?  That means that the internet has crucified this man.  Rightly so.  Regardless of the truth, Zimmerman is a murderer.  He killed this kid, who was screaming, in cold blood.  These are now facts, now that the 911 tapes have been released.  Like wildfire, it spread across the internet, and the entire blogosphere and mediasphere has come alive.

There’s a new saying – what enters the internet is forever.  Sarah Palin, the quitter governor of my state, found this out herself after that Gabby Giffords shooting.  A graphic she had on her Twitter got her the lambasting and ridicule of all reasonable people.  For good reason, it was incredibly inappropriate.  But it’s proof that she is forever tarred and feathered to the public, and she lost any and all remaining credibility.  (what little she had left)

What does this mean for Zimmerman?  It maens that the rest of his life, this is going to follow him around.  In the racist communities of Florida, it probably won’t.  But his face is known, now.  He is a pariah of racism and murder.  He escape justice from the legal system, however, he will never escape the hatred of the internet, and since the internet is so key in our lives, he will never escape hatred.

To go anywhere and receive looks of hatred.  To know that never will you be welcome, truly welcome, anywhere, because the people will know that you are a cold-blooded murderer.  To never have a home that you can truly belong to.  Perhaps that is a greater justice than any jail cell could ever have been for Zimmerman.

Another place this justice goes is toward the cops.  They are complicit in lying for this man.  Their version of events is that George Zimmerman was screaming.  Why?  Was he scared of Skittles?  They are terrifying, I know, but this kid was unarmed.  The screams are from Trayvon.  You know this because the screams suddenly stop after he is shot.

The internet has also shown the pathetic either open racism, or open corruption of the cops.  It’s becoming more and more a trend that America has no love for the police.  Where once the children were told that the officer if their friend, they are now told that the officer is not to be trusted.  For good reason, too.  They officer isn’t to be trusted.  The cops know all of what has happened here, and yet, they have (so far as I know) done nothing.  They have sat back and watched this play out.

But the internet has crucified them too.  It’s almost beautiful how social justice is becoming more powerful than official justice.  You got to jail, so what?  You kill a kid, you’re known forever as a murderer who killed a guy who was trying to bring Skittles home to his brother.  His brother probably got upset that his Skittles were late, not knowing that the man who was going to bring them to him is lying dead in the street.

It’s a beautiful day for online justice.  A beautiful day.  This is something that needs to grow, because if the police won’t do the right thing, and show these people for who they are, we have to.  Now, I am not arguing for vigilante justice.  That won’t get us anywhere.  I am arguing for something worse – social outcast syndrome.  Make them never feel welcome anywhere.  Being alone, now that’s true punishment.  And hopefully, it will last forever.

That’s how we can avenge Trayvon Martin’s death.

Peace out,



Comments on: "Internet Justice for Trayvon Martin?" (8)

  1. Reblogged this on Lucien Maverick's Blog and commented:

    Something that is very fun to consider.

  2. I thought I read that the Feds are investigating this for a hate crime?

    • Hate crime?! What a farce. It’s murder. Whether or not hate motivated it is immaterial. This man was killed in cold blood, and the man who killed him should be put away. Forever. Locked away in a tomb where he will rot.

      • Right, the point is when you commit a crime of hate (such as killing a 17 year old black kid and you’re a white Mexican) then it’s a Federal crime. That means if the locals aren’t going to prosecute then the Feds can.

        And yes, if hate is the catalyst that IS material. It’s the difference between a state crime and a federal crime. That’s significant because the local law enforcement doesn’t seem to be doing anything about this.

        If the Feds can prove hate was the motive then they have the ability to prosecute this jackass and throw him in federal prison.

      • I’ve actually always had an issue with the hate crimes laws. There are holes in them. But at least it gets somebody caring. The cops couldn’t be bothered to do so, even after Zimmerman told them that he did it.

      • Right. As long as someone charges him I don’t care who it is at this point. The dude needs to hang.

  3. Social Justice is, of course, the purest and most original form of Justice because it is based on group instinct and observation and not always on political expediency or personal prejudice.

    Social Justice, to be clear about it, is the kind of justice that allowed the early Colonists in America to break free from their royal oppressors.

    Imagine what life would have been like if the reasonable “Loyalists” among the crowd had let the Royal version of The Supreme Court decide whether or not Independence would be granted.

    Social Justice is dependable and good until and unless it goes to the nature of Vigilantism—and then it is not good at all.

    Yes, the Internet is making a difference and I, for one am glad it is here.

  4. Social Justice is the purest and most original form of Justice and is great unless it goes to the character of Vigilantism and then it is not so good.

    Social Justice is the Justice that allowed America to become a nation in the first place. Can you imagine what would have happened if the “Loyalists” in the 1700s were to prevail and allow the Royal version of The Supreme Court (The King) to decide the fate of our Independence?

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