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Hypothetical situation: say that an alien race comes to Earth.  They have vastly superior weapons and technology.  Immediately, the employ these things to violently attack our species.  Humanity is left with only two choices – fight and probably die, or surrender, and become slaves to these aliens.  And, for the sake of this situation, say that you are one of the people who chooses to fight.

Are you really going to care what the person standing next to you, fighting until the bitter end believes?  Will you care if this person worships Allah, Jehovah, or nothing at all?  Will it matter to you if the person is a Democrat or a Republican, liberal or conservative?  Will it be so incredibly important if this person is a man or a woman?  Will you care if this person seeks solace in the arms of somebody of the same sex?  The two of you are probably going to die just the same.

Think about it – you are facing the end of your entire species.  There is nothing outside of this.  You no longer can afford to let the petty prejudisms of this world dominate your thoughts, because it is almost over for us.  It’s the twilight of the human race, and nobody can stop that.  There is nobody coming to save us.  We stand alone.  Or do we?

The answer is no.  The true meaning of life is something that I have pondered for some time.  While others will choose to believe that it is something petty, like worshipping God or loving America, I see it as something much more profound.  The irony is that the predominant faith of America’s savior agrees with me in this regard.  What is the meaning of life – to look out for each other, because we are all we have.

This is something that soldiers have figured out in foxholes, getting shelled endlessly.  When they are in that place, trying desperately to survive, I guarantee you that the last thought that is going through their mind is whether the guy next to them is Christian, or their breed of it, or whether or not that person is into other men.  They have never thought about that, because all they could count on was the person next to them.  It’s ironic that in the most bitter of situations, humanity has found an ability to bond like never before.

When a huge tornado spree absolutely destroyed a large part of states like Wisconsin, you could hear the sound of hammers, the sawing of wood.  People of the community came back together, to rebuild what they had lost.  There is some great truth to that.  Truth that the leaders of this country will never seem to understand.

It’s easy to see why they don’t.  Take a look around, it’s everywhere.  The Democrats and Republicans both try to divide the people of this country.  They talk about all the things that make us different, all the ways that we are not the same.  They will point out how people need to be afraid.  Always trying to fracture and divide the people, so that they can steal the wealth and keep their power, and never be accountable to anybody.  This has been true of this government for about as long as it has existed.

But the truth is, the meaning of life is to look after each other, because we are all we have.  There is no God coming for us.  There is no eternal bliss after this.  You die, and that’s it.  But together, we can make this life the best life we have ever had.  It wouldn’t be hard.  All it would take is a little dedication.

We need to stop these pointless feuds between nations, which are forever trying to further a game of money and power that nobody wins, and almost everybody loses.  We need to abandon the outdated and absolutely worthless traditions that are holding back progress, such as the belief that a woman shouldn’t have the right to her own body, and the faith that brings that to the front.  We need to look after the least of us, which would mean having the wealthiest of us be willing to give their fair share.  It’s not asking too much for the richest 1% to pay more.  We don’t want to bleed them dry, but something like a 3-10% increase in taxes isn’t unfair.

There was a rather brilliant quote by Stephen Colbert about how things work in this country –

If this is going to be a Christian nation that doesn’t help the poor, either we have to pretend that Jesus was just as selfish as we are, or we’ve got to acknowledge that He commanded us to love the poor and serve the needy without condition and then admit that we just don’t want to do it.

That’s well-spoken, and from a man who has lived in the realm of comedy, and satired the way things in this country are.

In the end, it isn’t about you and me.  It is about all people, in all places, trying to survive.  Because there very well could come a day where it is only us, or the enemy out to destroy or enslave us.  And hopefully, by that time, we haven’t ruined our world beyond the realm or redemption.  Hopefully, by then, we have learned that we are all we have, and its time for us to start looking out for one-another.

That is the real meaning of life – making things better for everybody, and making this world a better place.

Peace out,



Comments on: "The Meaning of Life in a Nutshell" (4)

  1. Reblogged this on Lucien Maverick's Blog and commented:

    Something to ponder…

  2. P Meyers said:

    Let’s be precise -again- Jesus Christ never advocated that government’s redistribution of wealth is the primary way of doing good for one another.

    What virtue is there in forcing someone to do your idea of good by confiscating their property?

  3. Because they won’t share!

    • P Meyers said:

      Care to guess pays more in taxes and gives more to charity?

      And don’t confuse confiscation with charity.
      Only one is a virtue.

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