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In Morocco, a girl was forced to marry her rapist.  That’s the baseline for what an article posted about this tragic story.  This girl, 16 years old, was forced, by law, to marry the man who had raped her.  The parents charged the man with rape, and the courts decided that apparently it was a good thing that she was being forced to marry him.

The article above calls him “her huband,” which is an outright lie.  The girl committed suicide, and they say it was because of “the horror of rape,” which is also not true.  This man is no more her husband than her brother.  He is her rapist.  And the rape didn’t kill her, it was the horror of being forced to marry this man who hurt her.  It was little more than slavery.

Morocco is supposedly one of the more “progressive” Muslim nations, and this is happening.  The government there is in total collusion with this, helping the rapist to get away with his crime.  A lot of people have spoken out in defense of this kind of thing, because it is the same “punishment” in the Bible.  They say that it is perfectly acceptable to do that, because it is a reminder of the fact that he raped them.  Never mind that it gives this person more opportunities to rape women.  Of course, many Christian circles still reject the notion that a wife can be raped.

Next up, we’ve got a story right here in USA.  This is in Florida, where a black teenager was killed, outright murdered, by a white man in a gated community.  He saw the kid, carrying only a bag of skittles for his little brother, and an iced tea for himself.  He shot the man, killing him.  The boy was only 17 years old.  The man who shot him is 26.  He told the police that he did it, and yet, no charges have been filed.  Not one.

This is another instance where the law knows the situation, knows exactly what happened, but is choosing to do nothing.  Just like they have with Anthony Bologna at Occupy Wall Street.  Just like they have with the police at UC Davis.  Just like all the other times that authority figures have done anything and go away with it.  The guy was white, and living in a gated community.  Obviously, he came from money.  He kills a man and tells the cops that he did it, and nothing happens.

While the title of this post says that this is the fault of governments for not standing up for what’s right and bringing the hammer of justice down on these monster, it isn’t.  This is about the people of the world, and how pathetic it is that we tolerate this.  We tolerate this kind of disgusting actions.  We tolerate this because the bulk of the country is too apathetic or too worthless to be bothered to care about what happens to the people.

This is an insult aimed directly at the worthless public of this country, who can’t be bothered enough to stand up for what is right.  Who can’t be bothered to demand real justice, instead of this fake crap that we all like to think is justice.  Because that’s just too hard, and the people of this country are weak.  The human race is just too weak.  All of this can be traced to the weakness of humanity to do the right thing, and it makes me sick.

How about you?

Peace out,



Comments on: "When government condones crime" (14)

  1. P Meyers said:

    I thought Leftists thought governments were the givers and takers of human rights. How can a government do wrong if it is the arbiter of what is a crime or not?

    • Nice to see you again, Meyers. Dude, there are no rights. They are an idea. It’s a cute idea, but they don’t exist. Either we have infinite rights or no rights at all. What we have are privileges, and they are quickly taken. And if you had read what I wrote, you’d realize that I was bashing the totally apathetic public for letting things like this happen.

      • P Meyers said:

        Let me try that idea on that there are no rights. … I have a ‘privilege’ of health care…. …..nope doesn’t have the same ring.

        And BTW, how do you know Martin was “outright murdered?” That sounded snappy and all, but you have facts that actually support that assertion?

      • Could of swore I had this article that said that the guy shot him. It wasn’t self-defense (unless that iced tea was now a heat-seeking missile). If it’s not self-defense, and the guy didn’t mistake him for a deer (Kind of like Dick Cheney), sounds like murder to me.

      • P Meyers said:

        I suggest you hold off vigilante judgments up for at least a while and read some more on what is reported, e.g. ABC reports that witnesses said Martin was in a fist fight on top of Zimmerman and Zimmerman was calling for help for some time before he shot Martin.

        So, if I were the Sheriff around these parts, I’d say, ‘put up your rope and go home – there’s not going to be a lynching tonight.’

      • I’m with the family lawyer. Zimmerman was armed, and Martin was not. I don’t know about you, but I don’t try and fight armed people. Generally not a good idea. And you seem to have this very quick will to believe this kid, when there are, as the article said, more questions than answers.

        And what exactly are you trying to say with that quote? That you would lynch him? I’m genuinely not getting where you’re going with it.

      • P Meyers said:

        I don’t necessarily believe anyone in that story – but there is nothing there to support your claim that it was an “outright murder.”

        I do believe your flat out assertion that Zimmerman outright murdered Martin is short-circuited thinking and probably fueled by some sort of bias you hold…..
        ….but that’s just my guess.

      • No, it’s fueled by the police saying all he had on him was iced tea and a bag of skittles, and the fact that Zimmerman was armed, which means that a normal person wouldn’t go and decide to attack a person that they can see is packing a gun. His side doesn’t add up. I call it murder because I have yet to be proven wrong. Zimmerman’s side holds no weight. At least mine has some corroboration.

      • But you know what – you are just as worthless as the rest, because instead of looking at the meaty parts, like the fact that stuff in Morocco and the stuff with Martin happens goes unchallenged by the public at large, or the government, who seems to not care, you simply attack my language. As if I hide the fact that I have bias. I don’t. But thanks for ignoring the real issue. Lets me know where you fall on, because you talk like me having a bias means that you can just dismiss what I have to say.

        Stupidity at its finest.

      • P Meyers said:

        Oh good grief. There was a report Martin was on top of Zimmerman beating him with his fists. Zimmerman was calling for help. Zimmerman was bleeding from his face and the back of his head when the police arrived. Zimmerman claimed self defense.

        Why are you so willing to discount Zimmerman’s account? Because he used a gun? Because Martin was black? Because it was a gated community? Because Martin brought skittles to a gun fight?

      • If he had a gun and saw this man coming at him with the intent to attack, why not shoot? This kid was 17, and he was 28. Was he just some tiny little man who could be pinned down so easily? If you see somebody coming to attack you, and you have a gun, what do you do? And what is the motive? Why attack this person who has a gun? It’s basic psychology. You don’t attack somebody who is carrying a weapon for no reason! Especially when you are unnarmed. See, more questions, not one answer.

      • P Meyers said:

        And how do you know Martin knew Zimmerman had a gun?

        I don’t know that – how do you?

      • Because he told the cops he shot him.

      • It’s in the article, that I guess you didn’t read.

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