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It isn’t really all that hard anymore to show how Republican candidates are awful people.  The tragedy of this is that it making the actually moderate Republican voters lose faith in their party.  But if one wants to examine this issue in a serious way, it really doesn’t take more than looking beyond Rush Limbaugh.  His comments about Sandra Fluke made the front page.  45 advertisers and counting have backed away from his show, not wanting their brands to be forever tarnished by him.  Given this, one would naturally conclude that he would back off a little, be more careful.

But this isn’t a perfect world.  In this world, Limbaugh comes back from making incredibly sexist comments, by making more incredibly sexist comments.  He talked in his latest show about the author, Tracie McMillan.  Apparently, according to him –

“What is it with all of these young single white women, overeducated — doesn’t mean intelligent.”

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Limbaugh doesn’t like women.  That much is clear beyond a doubt.  He didn’t argue with McMillan’s work on its merits, he simply dismissed it because she is a woman.  This man is a sexist.  And his audience is sexist too.  There are women who call into his show, hopping on that bandwagon, but the number is very small.  The fact is that the bulk of his audience is men who are just as hateful of women as he is.  This, of course, leads to the modern problem of the Republican Party – it’s poison to everyone who is a part of it.

Take a look at the presidential campaigns of the Republican candidates and its easy to see what’s wrong – nobody likes ANY of these guys running for the oval office.  The primary voting numbers are beyond dismal.  It’s to the point where Republican candidates are showing up in states are aren’t able to come close to filling up a room for them to speak at.

And it makes perfect sense.  People like Rick Santorum, who wants to get rid of all pornography, all abortion, and all birth control.  Over 90% of women in this country use birth control, either for the sexual aspect, or for the health effects it can have on things like ovarian cysts.  Santorum wants to throw away any and all chance of them being able to get help.

Next up, there’s Newt Gingrich.  It isn’t hard to see why Gingrich isn’t popular.  He’s scum, and the Republican voters know it.  He cheated on and subsequently left one wife while she was dying.  He then ditched that one later.  He is a horrible person.  The voters know it, and they have no interest in him.

Ron Paul still have a very large cult following, but because he doesn’t go for the Republican establishment’s side of things, he is never going to get the nomination.  He talks about issues I don’t agree with, but at least he is consistent, which is something that the one who is looking to be the front runner isn’t.

Mitt Romney, what can you say?  Oh, right – he’s a flip-flopping, pure politics Republican.  He will say anything to get elected.  He tries to come off conservative, but the hardcore conservatives see right through that.  He will try to be moderate, but the moderates just don’t care.  They don’t like this guy, and it shows.

The fact is that it is becoming poisonous to be Republican right now.  The female vote has jumped ship, once and for all (pretty much).  Minorities are barely involved with them, because they have clearly been against them.  The LGBTQ community knows that they are not their friends (though neither are the Democrats, which leaves them high and dry on all sides).  The Republican base now is almost entirely made up of middle-aged and elderly white men.  This isn’t a good number to work with, and it is showing in the polls how little it is helping them.

To put it into context how little faith people have in the Republican Party – Joe Miller, from my state of Alaska.  He ran the most hardcore-conservative race that I have seen in this state (in my lifetime).  He lost to Lisa Murkowski because the Republican voters didn’t find him palatable, and a lot of Democrats that I know voted for her because Scott McAdams was a nobody, and they knew it.  Republicans don’t like these people, because they aren’t moderate.  The Tea Party got rid of their moderates, and now, it is becoming a battle of values, not issues.  That’s not what voters want to hear right now.

So, Limbaugh isn’t that big of a surprise.  He is just a symptom of the overall illness within America’s conservative movement – it’s dying.  The people who make up its base are dying or getting too old to care.  Women aren’t on board.  Minorities are scarcely on board.  The LGBTQ community hates their guts.  It’s poisonous to be a Republican right now.

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  1. Reblogged this on Lucien Maverick's Blog and commented:

    For anybody who thinks that Obama is going to lose this year.

  2. I agree that the GOP has really, REEEEALLY shifted way right of center, and have severely limited their appeal and damaged their brand by doing so. They are just despicable right now. But I would caution against taking it for granted that the president will sail to victory just yet. There are so many news cycles left between now and November, and we all know how the tides shift quickly and without warning in politics and public perception. I also think that when Romney becomes the nominee (which is not in question anymore, in my opinion), the right will start rallying around him, even though they may not particularly like the guy all that much. I just posted about this myself this morning, after the Super Tuesday results were tallied, because I think it’s getting to the point where Republicans will close ranks soon, just to make sure they have a strong united front against President Obama. Not that they’ll win, but they may give the Dems a bigger run for their money than most people are anticipating.

    • I disagree. The numbers are coming out that show that people don’t like ANY of these candidates, and are less and less favorable about the party. The irony is that I think there actually would be a united front if somebody like Rick Santorum were running, because he is actually very popular among the hardcore conservatives, and their base would come out in force for him. For Romney, I very much doubt it.

      • I agree that Santorum probably would create a much stronger cohesiveness among GOP voters, overall, if he were the nominee. But the richest voters are coming out to the polls in bigger numbers this primary season, and they are solidly behind Romney (sorry, should’ve put a “spoiler alert” before that…). On Rachel Maddow’s show last night, she actually discussed this in detail, and showed how Romney has scored victories in almost every state he’s won only because of the margin of wealthiest voters voting for him vs. the other GOP options. And you can bet that $10,000 you’ve got in your pocket that they will be motivated in November, too. I don’t think Romney will win in a general matchup against the president, personally, but I do think Romney will find a lot more support than many pundits imagine he will, simply by virtue of the fact that he’ll be the anti-Obama choice and that’ll be good enough for a good chunk of them, especially the wealthy. If Romney’s got that high-income coalition behind him, he will be in good shape to make it a little more challenging for the president.

      • And I still doubt that. Romney doesn’t believe in anything, and people know it. The wealthiest will come out in support of him (because he is one of them, $200,000,000 and counting), but the moderate Republican voters don’t like this guy, nor do the hardcore. It’s hard to like a guy who clearly doesn’t believe in anything. Add to that, the Republicans have driven off women, minorities, and the LGBTQ community, I am seeing nothing good in the future of Romney.

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