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This is a lesson that our government never seems to learn.  Despite how history shows it, over and over again, the government of this nation is either too greedy or too stupid to listen.  They are trying their damndest to make it work today.  What’s interesting about this is that the government has basically realized that the American populace is too stupid to actually do anything.  Or is it?  We’ll get to that point in a few.

But first, a history lesson.  The government trying to ban what they don’t like isn’t a new thing.  Probably the most famous historical example was Prohibition.  The idea was that the conservatives of their day thought that alcohol was the enemy.  So, they had a comprehensive ban on it.  Complete, total.  Right from the git-go, it didn’t work.

I love how one of my favorite reporters, H.L. Mencken, realized what a farce Prohibition…

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