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The Over-Saturated Existence

Take a look around the modern culture.  What do you see?  Well, it depends on where you are, and what kind of lifestyle you have.  If you are like me, than as you are reading this, you probably have music on in the background.  There will also be a chat window or two that occasionally interrupts your reading in order to answer.  But it’s all good.  You will get through the document.  But wait, what about that stomach that’s growling?  Gotta answer that.  And when you do, you get a text message.  Hell, you may get text messages even while reading this, along with the chat windows, your Facebook (obviously), and that music, or maybe the TV, or perhaps a movie.

If you have a family, the number of places that your mind is at probably triples.  You are reading this, watching your kids, talking to your significant other (unless you’re a single parent, in which case, you may be talking to yourself.  Good for you!  Talking to yourself is fun), getting up every now and again to check on dinner, have a couple chat windows open, get text messages on your cell phone, stopping the kids from fighting, or maybe also having a movie on in the background.  Try Ratatouille.  That usually makes kids happy.

If you are work, first off, shame on you.  You should be working.  But yeah, you will be reading this, doing your job, getting text messages, probably talking with coworkers, looking up the news, following documents online that pertain to what you are doing, may also have music in the background, or could potentially be watching a movie.  Wow, if you are doing that, then you really are a slacker.

But that is the culture we live in.  It is a culture that is constantly bombarded by information.  The human mind multi-tasks like never before.  There have been several articles that are coming out about how adults don’t mature like they used to.  This new hyper-saturated market of information ahs created a generation of people who retain their childhood mental status longer and longer.  There is a radical paradigm shift in the human race, and very few people are noticing it.

When you think about it – there’s a reason that people are sucking down booze and anti-depressant pills these days.  The human just isn’t wired for the amount of multi-tasking that we do.  The idea that somebody can live simply is gone.  It is unlikely to ever come back.  The reason is simple – the culture has created this.

We live in a culture that says that the pursuit of the almighty dollar bill.  If you are unable to make them, you don’t survive.  You are trampled and crushed in a world that has the tall lording over the small.  There was a quote by the late George Carlin about our modern society –

That’s the way the ruling class operates in any society.  They try to divide the rest of the people.  They keep the lower and middle classes fighting with each other so that they, the rich, can run off with all the fucking money.

Before you bring it up, I don’t care about that word you want to mention in my intellectual piece that is this.  That’s not a bad word.  It’s a versatile word.  But the fact is that the powerful want to keep the people below them fighting, along with distracted, so that they won’t question, so that they won’t have the ability to usurp their power.

Academics and intellectuals will talk about this and that, but the ultimate truth is that the societal failure of right now has been engineered by the upper class in order to control everybody else.  Mass-media, social networking, endless advertisements.  It’s all about control.

Go onto YouTube someday, and you’ll see something kind of sad – the academic videos, the really intelligent and thoughtful ones, they get almost no significant amount of views.  While imbeciles pouring alcohol in their eyes and lighting them on fire have millions of views.  This is the society that we live in.  The media is saturated with stupidity, and intellect gets no significant amount of attention.

It’s no wonder that the American public is stupid.  They are being bombarded, day in and day out with advertisements, updates, a chat windows.

So what is the solution?  Well, this is where there is no exact answer.  Some say to go back to the simpler times.  To go and seek out this older way of being.  Others say that it is in not looking at as much media.  If you want this humble idealists views, it resides in getting rid of the need for money.  The drive for money, instead of the drive for progress, is what is destroying our species.  People don’t just want to succeed.  They are desperate for success because if they don’t get it, they rot away.  It’s a cruel existence that is fueled by those in power.

But maybe that is being WAY too idealistic for this world.

Peace out,



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