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Well, it was another day when our President had to come out and to make a big speech about the state of America.  Much like myself and probably most people were expecting, it was another really long bit of pandering.  The ironic thing this time was that it wasn’t really pandering to anybody in-particular.  It was kind of pandering to, well, nobody.

The speech began with Obama talking about how the troops were coming home, and how they were defending our freedom.  Question, Obama, and to all of the conservatives who are stupid enough to think that this is something that matters – what exactly is our freedom in danger from?  That has always been something that I have never gotten.  They say that our country is in immediate danger, when the fact is that it isn’t.  Now Obama is championing the troops effort to “secure our freedom.”  Really, think about how dumb this statement is.  It took Al-Qaeda over ten years to plan and execute their plan to destroy the World Trade Center (it was terrorists, not the government, you Truthers are imbeciles).  We have decimated their ranks since the beginning of the “War on Terror.”  (I think we are going to have a War on Silliness next) Our freedom is in no danger of being destroyed.  The terrorists don’t have an army, of any kind, so they aren’t going to be conquering America.

Next, the President talked about how our economy needs work (he makes a point later about how America is back, but I’ll get to pointing out how stupid that is in a second).  Of course, he said things about how the economy was hurt by corporations and a lack of oversight (which he hasn’t addressed.  Wall-Street Reform was a joke).  He didn’t even bother to address the banks who got us into this mess, or suggest that the people who did this with criminal activities be held accountable.  I get that.  He has to feed them the schtick that they want to hear.  All State of the Union addresses are like that.  Nobody ever wants to deflate America or the private market’s ego.  Nobody ever wants to, I don’t know, suggest that we fight back.

While talking about the economy, he makes a point that he saved the auto industry.  Obama has been milking that point to death ever since he did it.  Like he thinks we have all forgotten about all the failures, and how the economy is swiftly heading in the wrong direction.  But yes, he did say that he saved the auto industry, and for some reason, that’s going to put America back on top.  Then, in a rather odd move, he said that the same financial success that reclaiming the auto industry had on Detroit, it would have in other places.

It could happen in Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Raleigh.

I guess it can only happen in swing states.  That’s cool.

Next up, he talked again about how he would get business to come back to America, and fix the tax code to stop them from abusing the system for their own benefit.  We’ve heard that schtick before.  And of course, business will come back to America.  Yes, because exploiting foreign labor will be less profitable, right?  I know that the President isn’t that foolish, so we’ll just chalk that up to him being political.

And of course, whenever one talks about America, there is the “winning the future” gag, where America is ahead of the game, and making innovation all over the world.  Like how we have a mass-transit system, right?  Oh, right, we don’t.  Europe, Japan and Russia have those.  Well, we don’t have that, but we have universal health care!  Oh wait, that’s also something that a lot of European and 1st-world Asian countries have, along with Canada.  So, we’re not ahead of the curve there.  But we’re leading the way in space technology, right?  Nope, NASA has pretty much been cut from funding, so the space race, which was proven to be good for the economy, is dead.  So where is America in the race for the “future?”  Well, to be honest, not anywhere.  We are stuck in a deadland because nobody wants this country to invest in anything useful, like infrastructure, or taxing the rich.

Oh sure, he did promise that the wealthy would be paying more in taxes, but I think we have all seen how Obama is completely unwilling to stand his ground on any of that.  He didn’t stand his ground on the Bush Tax Cuts, or the Debt Ceiling.  He gave the Republicans all that they wanted and more.  The fact is that this was all just pandering, and nobody should be paying attention to it.  The truth of what is happening in this country speaks for itself.

Peace out,




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