An Alaskan journalist's perspective on local and national issues

At 3:32 pm in Anchorage, a local man named Jacob Kennedy was pulled over.  The officer on scene reported to him that he was driving carefully and politely on an Alaska winter road.

Kennedy is not an Alaskan resident.  He was visiting his relatives from Maine.  He is 38 years old, with his wife and child.

According to Kennedy, “It has been a lovely visit.”

When he was pulled over, he was going to the store to fill a prescription for his mother, who has a severe case of arthritis.  The officer noticed that he was obeying the speed limit and being courteous to other drivers.  He was also taking the road conditions into his considerations, as it had been snowing very hard the night before.

Kennedy was also observed letting other drivers cut in front of him out of driveways and also keeping a large amount of distance between him and the car in front of him.

“This guy just needed to learn,” said Officer Daniel Ellis.  “The people of Alaska don’t take kindly to courtesy.  Especially in the winter.  He needed to know that in an Alaskan winter, people drive as unsafely as possible, making sure to gamble with their lives, along with the lives of others.  If they are driving without the possibility of millions of dollars in damage, then they need to learn.”

One witness commented, “what kind of whack-job just respects other people when they are on the road?  That’s so not-cool!”

The man was given a ticket for $60, and given a stern warning not to be a safe driver in the future.


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