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There are two stories in the news which are really making the people of this country seem like complete and utter idiots.  When you look at it critically, this is all so pathetic that people need to be reminded how bad it is.  What’s more, if this is becoming the norm, then this nation has no right to complain about how stupid the actions of a few are, when we have people who are legitimately pursuing these two cases.  If this is what the people find acceptable, then this country really is becoming stupider by the day.

The first case involves a seven year old boy.  His name is Mark Curran.  He was accused of sexual harassment after punching another kid in the groin.  The kid is facing being suspended, or even being transferred, and all because he punched another kids in the nuts.  That’s powerful stupid.  And now, a seven year old boy is being charged with sexual harassment.  A kid who has no ability to comprehend what this is, is being charged with it.  All because he did what kids who get into fights often do – punch another kids in the nuts.

The second case involves a six year old boy.  He is look at being charged with sexual assault for playing “doctor” with a five year old girl and touching her butt.  Here’s a news flash that parents and people in America really don’t seem to understand – this is normal.  A boy touching a girl and playing doctor is a very normal thing that happens during a child’s development.  I did it, you did it, we all did it.  Why are we making a huge deal out of this?  They are looking to charge a six year old boy with a crime that will land him on the sex offender list for the rest of his life!  And we are doing this because of the fact that he was doing something that is very typical with a girl his own age.

When did America become terrified of genitals?  It is a genuine mystery when the people of this country were so absolutely scared of people being sexual.  What’s more, in these instances, it wasn’t even sexual.  None of the children involved in these incidents was sexually developed, or old enough to understand what all of this implied.  People are seeing sex crimes now where they do not exist.  There has been no sex crime here, none at all.  But the populace of this nation is apparently so stupid that they can’t realize that.

What really kills is the fact that people in positions of authority actually believe this.  There is somebody who believes that a seven year old punching another kid in the groin is a sex thing.  It is so pathetically tragic.  And it is even worse that a six year old boy is going to go to jail, and then suffer the indignity of being on the sex offender list for the rest of his life, because he played, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” with a girl.

America, you need to let kids be kids.  Punish the boy who punched the kid, but don’t call it sexual harassment, call it punching another kid.  But kids need to have the opportunity to grow up.  Parents are screaming at everything now, and our worthless people of authority are letting the screaming and obviously idiotic parents tell them what to do.  It had to have been some parent who made this happen, or if it was the people in authority, it was only to cover their own asses.

This is not a nice message, because it needs to be mean.  Parents involved in this, and people in authority involved in this – you are stupid.  People who condone this – you are stupider.  America who doesn’t outrage about how dumb this actually is – you are the stupidest of all!

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Comments on: "America, You are Getting Stupid" (7)

  1. You asked: When did America become terrified of genitals?

    Pathetically, it’s always been that way. We were founded after all by Puritain who came here after being kicked out of England for their odious rightousness (after they’d been kicked out of the Netherlands for the same). Their fundamentalist Bibical view was more than an entire continent could bear, so they came here. And said we shouldn’t ever talk about man or lady parts.

    And it persists, these 400+ years later. Today, it seems the only proper use of sex in our skittish little country is to sell something.

    Good luck wilth the blog lefty, lookin’ good!

    • My thanks for both the compliment and the comment. I’ll keep fighting the good fight.

      • That’s all we can do. And the more committed liberals of your age, the more optimistic I am.

        I hope you’re aiming to do some political reporting – it’s superb training. Also, if you’re not familiar with him, I’d urge you to seek out and read some Eric Alterman – he’s a terrific media critic and oberver of the media scene.

      • I would love to be a political reporter, actually. Of course, I am a writer, so my options may be kind of limited, but yeah, that is a passion of mine. I’ll look into this Alterman fellow. I am always looking for a new comrade.

        And yeah, we need more young liberals. Most of the liberals that I find who are young are just left of helpful, or too far left of helpful. Tragic, but true.

  2. It’s an almost pathological shame and fear regarding sex in this society. So many parents, and adults in general, would rather children be exposed to astonishing amounts of violence and bloodshed in both real, and fictionalized representations, than something like relatively brief glimpses of full frontal nudity (both male and female) in the same circumstances.

    In the past few years I’ve heard two or three radio interviews in which the hosts and guests both were so fearful and embarrassed at the prospect of saying the words “penis” or “vagina” or “fellatio,” within the context of discussing books, or films, or studies ABOUT THOSE VERY OBJECTS, or human sexuality in general, that they resorted to using vague euphemisms — sometimes even stooping so low as to use words that -rhymed- with the names of these dreaded parts and practices. And this was on NPR — not some conservative christian radio program.

    • I am not against the violent imagery in our culture either. Kids can be told by their parents that that is fake, and I think that most people who can empathize are not going to becoming violent killers. But we need to start being more open, not just about sex, but all the big topics that are socially uncomfortable. It is the only way that society is going to progress. This needs to start happening, but we don’t even stop to think about it.

  3. […] me of an article that my friend and fellow free-thinking liberal Lefty on the Left wrote about two stories that were in the news.  One was a story about a seven year old boy who was being accused of sexual harassment for […]

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