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It is ironic how much this game failed to live up to the hype.  The Assassin’s Creed series has had a reputation of having some awesome games.  The first two were amazing, and Brotherhood was also good, though not as much.  But Revelations disappointed on pretty much every front.  What makes this ironic is that it disappointed, but only just a little.  This was a game that had so much potential, and while certain elements were fun, the bulk of it was just a slight fail.

It should be pointed out that the gameplay was fun.  The element of making and using different types of bombs is pretty interesting.  Figuring out how to use your enemy’s against one-another was pretty cool too.  The effects of Constantinople were pretty cool too.  That is really the only highlight of this game.  Really, the only truly enjoyable part of both gameplay and story was the segment “Desmond’s Journey.”  In this segment, it was like playing portal, while getting an interesting back-story to Desmond Miles.  It was always a point of interest that I had, what Desmond’s childhood had been like, and why he left The Farm.  But this answered that all very well, and the narrative was surprisingly pleasant to listen to.

Those are the highlights.  The failures are, well, everywhere.  The biggest has got to be the segments with Altair.  Not only do all of them take place in Masyaf, not giving any depth at all, but they were very short, and seemed to add very little to the story.  It was like they just wanted to have Altair in there again.  They had a lot of chances to go to different places, see different people, expand his world a little more.  Instead, nothing, absolutely nothing.  This was the first major fail.

The second was that there was no real glory to this plot.  Unlike Brotherhood, where there was a mission, and you were working toward an understood end, this game simply choose to have events take place.  It was kind of dull.  That was perhaps this game’s biggest failing.  It was just boring.  All the actions were really leading nowhere.  Plus, you never got attached to any of the characters enough to care what happened to them.  The relations between the characters was as dull as the characters themselves.  Even Ezio was kind of boring.  They also killed Lucy off, which was worse.

But perhaps the biggest failing of this game (spoiler alert!) was the ending.  Rather than have Desmond come back to consciousness and then have some time for him to tell his tale, to say what happened, he just suddenly wakes up, and it just ends.  Everybody had to be very interested in what his story was, why he was in a coma, what had happened, why he killed Lucy.  Instead, he just wakes up and that’s it.  Subject 16 disappears, and really, nothing was added to the story arc.

This was a game that didn’t epically fail, but the fail was pretty apparent.  It had a lot of potential, and instead of really delivering, it just plain failed.  Let’s hope that AC III is a success.

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