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It has never really been a mystery that those in power hate the First Amendment of our Constitution.  If the government’s reaction to those who are Occupying all over the country has shown anything, if the coordination of their attack against them yesterday was any indication, then it is clear that those who we charged with protecting our rights hate that we have rights.  They hate that we are able to talk back to them.  They hate that we are able to tell them that they are wrong, damn wrong!  And now, it is looking like those in power are going to take away our right to tell them that they are wrong.

There is a new Bill that is being debated in Congress that will censor the internet.  Care to know how it works?  Well, it’s simple.  This new bill will allow the US government to be able to block people from visiting certain websites, like Tumblr, Reddit, YouTube, and others.  Also, things that were in “fair use” will be banned.  Nothing like this has ever happened before.  Laws have been proposed before to make this kind of thing happen, but this is the first time it has ever gotten this close.

This censorship will employ the same methods that are used in China, Syria, Iran, and other nations.  So this means that sites that you visit daily can be blocked.  Email sites will be forced to censor what you send or receive.  Any and all links you post on social networking sites will be monitored and possibly sensored.  The Bills that are going to destroy the First Amendment are as follows – the Protect IP Act, sponsored by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt), and the Stop Online Piracy Act, sponsored by Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Tx).

Here’s the facts – our basic internet freedoms are on the chopping black.  This is no joke, ladies and gentlemen.  These two laws are going to, in effect, censor what we see, and what we can do online.  It is proof like no other that not only does this government hate the First Amendment, it has always hated it.  It has always hated that people can do whatever they like.

I implore you to fight back.  You have to stand up and fight now, because if you don’t, tomorrow may not be free anymore.  All of us may be in bondage to the system.  Here are some links that can help you get out and fight the good fight –, Ladies and gentlemen, we have to stand tall, right now, because if we don’t, it is looking more and more likely that all of us will be servants to the system.  The companies that own the websites of Tumblr and Reddit have already gotten the fight started, but it will take each and every one of us getting up and fighting back to stop this, because the government has shown their true colors.  They are not, and have never been, on the side of the people.  Now they need to know who we are.

Peace out,



Comments on: "Americans are about to lose their online freedoms" (2)

  1. Interesting article. I’ll definitely be doing my part and looking into the exact wording of each bill.

    On a negligible note, “Basically, it will set America up as the first nation to actually be able to censor what you see online.” is incorrect, as nations like China and Iran have already taken similar measures, which you stated in your next sentence, “This censorship will employ the same methods that are used in China, Syria, Iran, and other nations.” Just a minor self-contradiction.

    Nonetheless, fight the good fight!

    • Indeed, the wording could use some work on that. Sometimes I don’t catch things like that. Good that you’ll keep fighting, though.

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