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There is a recent decision that was made here on campus that is more than a little disheartening.  It is kind of upsetting, because it establishes a horrible standard, and it makes everyone a victim for the crimes of a few.  Here at a place that is supposed to be open to all people – the University of Alaska Anchorage, this is not something that they need.  Those who are affected should have the ability to get their money back at least, for the cost of what this is.

The crime that has been done is that the people at IT, along with Residence Life, have decided to majorly slow down the processing speed for all students in the Residence because a few students have been engaged in pirating.  Now, regardless of what one thinks about piracy online, this is an issue that needs to be discussed, because the students have a right to have a decent connection.

Given the fact that a student is paying between $4000-5000 a semester, there really is no acceptable reason why ever single person needs to be afflicted because of the actions of a couple people.  There is no good reason why IT and Res. Life can justify charging so much for internet usage if they are going to deliver a lackluster product to the students.

This is going to be short and sweet.  If you are a student in the Residence, be it the dorms, MAC, or Templewood, you should go to IT and Res. Life and demand they lower prices, or give you your money back.  If enough students made enough noise to USUAA, Res. Life, IT, and to the higher administration offices, that this will not stand, and if it does, we want the money we paid for a quality product back.

If you want more information, go to the group TAKE THE INTERNET BACK!, on Facebook.  Look up George Brandenburg, the head follower.  He can give you more info.

Peace out,



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