An Alaskan journalist's perspective on local and national issues

What is it for a person to be able to understand the parts of life that are truly destructive?  When people pay attention to politics, when they choose to rise above the petty influences that control so much of what our society does, are they lucky?  Are those who choose to turn a blind eye to the issues that polarize our culture so much more intelligent than those who choose to stare at it head-on?  Maybe there are no answers to these questions.

There is a friend, let’s call her Emily, who may have found out the only road to real happiness.  She is totally and completely disconnected.  She has no time to learn this kind of nonsense.  She is busy with the endless day to day living that people are forced to do.  Her and her people have lived in perpetual poverty for most, if not all of her life.  She is able to get by, but is part of this culture of people who has to make a lot of heartbreaking decisions on whether or not to seek medical help after something happens.  She has to wonder how much or how often she is going to be able to eat.  She works herself to death, all in seeking a passion that may lead to no employment at all.  She is one of those people who follows her heart, hoping that maybe, someday, there will be a kind of understanding that is achieved, where peace is somewhere on the other side.

She is one of a kind, you know.  In all the years of interacting with people across this globe, there has never been a person like this one.  She wears her heart on her sleeve.  She is compassionate to all, and does not seek any confrontation, unless it cannot possibly be avoided.  There is something so very tragic about this kind of person.  She is one of the rare breed of people who is able to be more than anybody else.  She just wants a life of being happy, and despite how life seems to always through her the scraps, she maintains her happiness.  It is a genuine mystery how that works.  One would think that after a while of being given the scraps of society’s table, one would start to hate living.  Instead, she has chosen to embrace every moment of it.

She does not pay attention to this culture of endless destruction, ruin, and oppression that those like myself who do watch over the culture of America get to see on a daily basis.  Perhaps there is some merit in that.  Perhaps there is some kind of logic that says that if you don’t know how you are being screwed, and why you are being screwed, it isn’t so bad to be screwed by the system on a daily basis. 

And that is what is so heartbreaking about this whole situation.  When people like myself, who want to change the world for the better, observe this kind of person, and we think about how they are the reason that the world should be a better place, it becomes that much more tragic when they are unable to have any kind of peace or decency, because in the end, the system is against them.

The Libertarians can ramble on all they like about the “free market” that has never existed in this country, or in any successful nation.  A truly free market has never existed.  Government has always been there to watch over the system that works within it, to make sure that system is moving forward.  What the Libertarians really want is feudalism.  If you take away all the checks and balances from the market, that is what would happen.  Those with power would use their power to crush everybody else.  This has been proven, time and time again.  It is being proven even now, as those on Wall Street are showing that they are not willing to even listen to what the Occupy protestors have to say.

Then there are the Republicans.  While they are busy making sure that “In God we trust” is still on our money, there are almost no new jobs.  The market has completely stalled.  They will pass bill after bill after bill about worthless junk, while our infrastructure is coming apart, the poor are oppressed, and the middle class is coming apart. 

Finally, there are the Democrats.  Too busy trying to keep the insane at bay, they simply choose to ignore the problems, hoping that maybe, if they just wait it out, they will go away.  They won’t stand up and fight for what is right.  They are the party who doesn’t represent the left, but is desperate to try and prove that they do.  Obama is that greatest example of how the idea that the Democrats represent the left is a farce. 

The American dream is dead.  It has been dead for a very long time.  The idea that you can make it in this country if you have the tools, regardless of where you come from, is a joke.  And while the people who are working are starving, those who pull money out of the air are living higher on the hog than anybody else.  The wealthy don’t have enough conscience to care about the plight of the common man, and people like my friend Emily are happier than anybody I have ever met, genuinely happier, and she is poorer than anybody that I know.

The absolute truth is this – that maybe those who pay attention are miserable.  Attention equals nothing, and in the end, it is all just a waste of time.  No amount of rebellion will change anything.  We are all just wasting our time.

Peace out,



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