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It is getting a little bit too annoying, really.  When we are in a societal calamity.  The EU is in real economic trouble.  America’s economy is heading in the wrong direction again.  The Middle East is still in chaos.  There are problems that are everywhere.  The vote on Pebble Mine is just around the corner.  The Alaskan economy isn’t all that great right now either.  All of this is going on, and what does the media see fit to either have as “Breaking News” or as the “Top Story” is the story of Amanda Knox coming back to America.

The story goes that there is a girl named Amanda Knox.  She was an exchange student in Italy.  Her roommate, Meredith Kercher, was found with her throat slit.  Knox and her boyfriend at the time, were charged and found guilty for the crime.  That was four years ago.  The rest is history, until recently.  The verdict of her appeal acquitted her, and now she has returned home.  And what has the news seen fit to do – talk about it to death!  I am starting to agree with Jon Stewart about what 24-hour news networks are designed to do

24 hour news networks are built for one thing, and that’s 9/11, and the type of gigantic news event that the type of apparatus that exists in this building and exists at the other 24-hour are perfectly suited to cover.  In the absence of that, they’re not just gonna say, ‘there’s not that much that’s urgent or important or conflicted happening today, so we are going to gin up, we are going to bring forth more conflict and more sensationalism because we want you to continue watching us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even when the news doesn’t necessarily warrant that type of behavior.'”

Really, this whole event how shined a spotlight, to me anyway, of something that really does need to be examined in the world of professional journalism – where the priorities are.  Stewart is absolutely right.  These networks won’t just admit that they don’t have anything that is worthwhile to talk about.  Thankfully, NPR, PBS, BBC, and the alternative media sources are doing the smart thing and giving this issue the attention that it deserves.  But really, when one examines this issue critically, it has to be pointed out that what does this matter?

What possibly contributions does this event give society.  What’s more, why does everybody care so much?  There is a greater societal problem that is displayed here – that the people of this country are starting to look less like an informed populace and more like Mike Judge’s creation, Idiocrisy.  When one examines what gets in the news anymore, and where the people tend to focus their attention, it is easy to see why the socially aware are starting to lose hope in the human race and their ability to make any productive change anymore.  This is not a key issue in this debate.  In fact, Amanda Knox is nothing more than a symptom, or even less than that, but a skin mark, on the problem that is the massive ball of corpses that is America and the priorities that this country has.  She is just a sign of what is to come in the media that has grown up around the corporations of this country.

Fox News may be the great white whale of journalism, but MSNBC and CNN are not innocent of what plagues Fox News – bad journalism that is intentionally made to seem much more important than it actually is.  Does anybody remember the Casey Anthony trial?  Or maybe you remember the example that Stewart gave in his article above, about how there was the press conference after Anthony Weiner was found out for having shown his weiner to a girl.  How when Pelosi said that she wasn’t going to talk about Weiner, but rather about jobs and the economy, everybody left.  These are just a few of the many examples of how these news networks are all completely ignoring the important issues.

There is another issue that seems to have been completely ignored by the media – Rick Perry and his massive political project/blunder – the Trans-Texas Corridor.  Put simply, it was a giant complex that was intended to route all major traffic to heavy population centers of Texas.  Costly, disruptive to private property, and just a giant waste, not to mention a very big bit of ugly business.  While it looks like Perry is losing some of the clout that he had, this issue has not been raised at all in any significant way.

See, this is the problem with the news – they seem to have a hard time reporting the news.  They seem to have it all mixed up that when you are charged with reporting the news to people, which means things that are of consequence happening in the local, state, national, or worldwide level.  Something like this Corridor would be a huge thing to talk about, especially with a candidate who bashes the federal government, but then goes around and does things like this.  Call it what you like, Perry, but government by any other name is still government.  That goes for the Ron Paul fans too.

But there is hope on the horizon.  The alternative media seems to be gaining traction.  More and more people are seeking out places where they can get the news and not have it be a corporate machine.  It used to be that just the eggheads were watching shows like FRONTLINE and listening to NPR.  It used to be that the corporate machine believed that nobody cared what those on the internet had to say.  But that isn’t true, not anymore.  Now, with YouTube, journalists having blogs, and several other blogs and vlogs being watched, the world of social commentary and journalism is growing.  This is a good thing.

In a world where the economy is heading in the wrong direction again, we need to have some voices who are above the sensationalist maw and are able to take the bag of snakes and lay them out straight.

Peace out,



Comments on: "Amanda Knox and the Failure of the Media" (28)

  1. Amanda will soon become a billionaire after her attorneys sue the many media outlets that openly claimed she was guilty as charged of the crimes she was found to be not-guilty because the prosecution could not prove their initial charges, much like the Casey Anthony case.

    • The media’s failure with all of this is multi-faceted, but it also is pretty pathetic that Knox could make money off of their incompetance. Really, the problem is with the entire country. We are a culture of people who want things fast, and don’t want to be told no. We want what we want. It’s a “me” culture. It is part of my problem with the Randroids that go by the name Libertarians. When our culture is able to endorse this kind of behavior, it almost makes a guy not want to keep with it.

  2. Lucien, maybe Amanda can start up a business making above-ground swimming pools where she could be in charge of advertisement and distribution. She could also hire Casey Anthony for Casey to get a work-force to facilitate the man-powers necessary from the labor-side of the operation. Amanda has an appeal with the people right now and Casey could surely get as many men for the job as required. A win-win situation?

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      • You have some nerve! You are not female. Your name is Jaysen. John is 100% correct. I still can’t believe you are still posting with my identity! and michellefrommadison is YOU…noone else. Your sick perverted work is there for the world to see. You are a hacker, an identity thief, a sick troll, and a very sick MAN. You do not intimidate John with your disturbed posts, and thank god he is warning everyone out there about you!!

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  6. Thanks John!! That freak needs to be locked up! Isn’t it great how Casey is shunned and in hiding, and Amanda is out holding her head high! Love it! She is going to make a fortune. This is sweet Karma on Casey…the loser! She is so yesterday and done. LOL. I can’t believe Jaysen still posts his make believe troll trackers bull talk! LMAO. Again…love you John!

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    BTW, Jaysen/ michellefrommadison – I see your girl, Nancy Grace is doing quite well on that program…

    I know you never get enough of this particular clip, Jaysen

    • I just love all the intelligent conversation my blog has encouraged.

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    October 8, 2011 at 12:23 pm

    We apologize Lucien….but there is a thief who has damaged too many people along the way, and his internet crimes should not be ignored. Have a good day!

  15. Alright, I’ve had enough of this crap. I’m blocking all of you. Have a good one.

  16. John and Janal both busted right here, now available on T.T. Also looks like Casey received another porn offer, just a matter of time before Amanda gets one, imo.

  17. Thanks Lucien, time to do that imo, they totally distract your blog. Thanks again and keep up your great work.

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