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RIP, John Skelley

It is kind of ironic, really – how you sometimes think that you are going to have plenty of time to get to know a person, and then you are suddenly out of time.  It leaves a kind of hollow feeling, like you didn’t do something right.  That is how I feel today, anyway.  I found out that somebody that I had barely known has died.  It wasn’t somebody who was epically important in my life, but I wish now I had taken a tad bit more time to get to know the guy.  I am not really sad, because as I said, I didn’t know the guy all that well, but I am sitting here wishing I had.

I don’t know who John Skelley was.  I don’t know what he was like.  He liked to read what I wrote, and was a left-leaning guy, which I liked.  I had issues with what was going on, because the newspaper has been horribly slow getting my paychecks to me.  I kind of feel bad because I once kind of called him out, only to find out that it was the fault of those who were in my newspaper office.  I never did get to apologize for that.  But yeah, I didn’t know anything of any real significance about the guy.

There are days when we all wish that we had taken more time to get to know a person.  There are people in our offices who are maybe not the most interesting of sorts.  We tell ourselves that we will take the time out to get to know them better.  We say that we will be able to get to know them later, that we will take the time out to do so later.  I have had that many times.  There were people that I thought would be interesting to get to know, and I miss my chance.  They disappear.

So now I will never get to see this person again.  I will never know who they were and what they are like.  I will say this much – I hope you had a good go of things, John.  I hope that whatever you did accomplish in your life, you were happy doing it.  I will never know much, if anything, about who you are, but I hope you made a good go of things.  You didn’t have to do great things, but I hope you just were able to enjoy what time you got.

I think this is a lesson to us all – that we should take the time out to get to know the people who we work with, and the people in our lives who often get overlooked.

Perhaps a quote should end this post –

Death is a very dull, dreary affair, and my advice to you is to have nothing whatsoever to do with it.”  -W. Somerset Maugham

Rest in peace, John.

Peace out,



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