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Stop Worshipping Ron Paul!

There are two characters in the world of politics who seemingly are immune from any significant amount of scorn.  Anybody who says anything bad about them is quickly put to shame.  They have the plethora of supporters who seem to never notice the fact that these characters are not the people that they desperately believe them to be.  They want them to be these great people because if they aren’t, if the ideas about them are wrong, then apparently, the group who follows them are suddenly no longer able to support themselves.  They would lose all credibility.  These two people are Ron and Rand Paul.

The growing Libertarian crowd has flocked around these two hypocrites in gloriously huge ways.  Rand Paul isn’t the one that will be discussed primarily here because he isn’t the one who is making a run at the presidency, but he is no less of a hypocrite than his father.  But it is Ron Paul that will be being trashed in this posting.  He really needs to be.  Somebody needs to point out what a complete and utter hypocrite this guy is.

One really unpleasant point about talking about this character is that if anybody says anything bad about him, they are sure to be lambasted and insulted by his little cultish followers.  Really, there is something very cult-like about the worship that these people have for him.  Like something is gospel the moment it leaves the lips of this man.

He has said that he is against government inhibiting the rights of the people, that he is for small government.  And yet, in the next breath, he can turn around and say how he is for the overturning of Roe v. Wade.  Here’s a quote from the man himself –

The government doesn’t have the right to invade your home or have cameras in your home.”

Yeah, they just have the right to tell women what to do with their bodies. There was a comment on the Huffington Post article that was linked above –

Ron Paul idiots live in the country of ME.  It is all about WHAT I WANT AND MY MONEY.  I never saw a federal document that addressed, “ME the people” .  It is always WE the people.  You want ME, go live on an island somewhere.”

Touche, elr50!  That’s what it appears to be when the Libertarians talk about their political views anymore.  But back to Ron Paul, he is also a hypocrite to his own ideals in his belief that there should be no seperation of church and state.  Here’s another quote from the horse’s mouth –

The notion of a rigid separation between church and state has no basis in either the text of the Constitution or the writings of our Founding Fathers. On the contrary, our Founders’ political views were strongly informed by their religious beliefs. Certainly the drafters of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, both replete with references to God, would be aghast at the federal government’s hostility to religion.”

As TJ Kincaid, a brilliant YouTube vlogger, put it, Thomas Jefferson might have a problem with that –

Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the common law. In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own.”

The fact is that this country was founded on the belief that these two concepts should be kept incredibly far apart.  What’s more, the fact that Ron Paul doesn’t believe that, how is he for all people’s rights, again?  Even Bush II believed that these things needed to be seperate (even though his religion guided almost everything he did as a President).  Yeah, the government deserves the right to tell you how to believe.  That seems to for the rights of people, doesn’t it?

So, what makes this father-son duo so popular?  Well, they are against the wars in the Middle East, and they want to legalize drugs.  These are the only two selling points on a couple of guys who are nothing more than two more fundamentalist Christian politicians trying to push their political ideals on everybody else.  What’s more, people are buying into this!  People are setting aside their personal issues with their agendas for them!

The fact is that these people have blinders on.  They will follow blindly the rules of somebody who is just another crazy fundamentalist because they preach the message they want to hear – the the government won’t take the money that my greedy ass earned and give it to poor people, that we can have free drugs, and the troops will come home.  That is all that they want to hear, and the fact that Ron wants to destroy our nation’s already crappy infrastructure, that he wants to make women have no control over their bodies, that he wants to eliminate the freedom of belief that our Founding Fathers gave us, that apparently is completely able to be ignored.

As TJ saw it, and as I do too, the problem with people who are fans of Ron Paul is that they seem to have blinders on.  They also seem to take this man’s word as gospel, to give him “Messiah-like properties.”  They seem to believe he can do no wrong, and anybody who says otherwise is the enemy.  That is not a good progressive message, and it is also a very bad way to be in general, because if the future were to go the way that he wants it.  Well, it’s not really worth thinking about.

Peace out,



Comments on: "Stop Worshipping Ron Paul!" (22)

  1. stop worshiping ron paul? lol and do what worship perry bachmann and obama? this article is trash. If the author had any sense he would take the time to ask a “worshipper” of Ron Paul why they so adamantly support this man.

    Here is your answer. The message of peace is what got Obama’s lying ass elected, you remember that right? Right. That is Dr. Paul’s message, also social liberty and money that appreciates rather than depreciates, along with no Federal Income tax. WHAT A TRAVESTY! PEACE PROSPERITY AND FREEDOM!? HOW un-American !

    If you passionately and actively believe in even just the principle of peace, and are against all crimes against humanity no matter who the victim is, then thats all it would take, you will be labeled a “Worshipper” a “Paultard”. IF you have the Sense, and the Intellect to question the BS you hear from all of these slick , paid off, candidates and their little sidekicks like this writer. You will be a member of a “cult” sick in the head! Worshipper!

    God, these people make me sick and it makes me sick that people who oppose paul, will take cue from horrible,plainly childish, and stupid articles such as this one and run away with them. Thinking that it is a viable argument against ANYBODY. At least TRY and dig up dirt, Try to find something that paul says that makes no sense, Find something he’s lied about that should be your mission! Discredit him while keeping your own credibility.

    You know why you won’t though. Because you can’t and your mad. Enjoy your struggle against the tidal wave of support for this guy, and try to be a bit more creative than this. You’re probably going to complain about the opposition to this article, and whine about how mean Rp people are. RESPECT PEOPLE AND YOU WILL RECEIVE RESPECT, until you learn how to do that, don’t expect any love from the thousands across the country waking up to the fact that your media is AGAINST ending war and tragedy! Why? Because that is your source for life without that noone would read or watch the news.You’d be alot more popular if you just LIED as usual, and supported paul and his supporters. worship, give me a break save it for the highschool crowd im a goddamn grown ass man.

    • The fact that is a bleeding hypocrite hasn’t gotten through that thick head of yours? Too bad. I provided articles and references to how he is full of it. What have you got?

    • And dude, if you think that this is pwnage. You are so horribly mistaken. This is crazy ranting from a cultish follower. Nice that you don’t have the language skills to understand. Although, you’re a Ron Paul follower. What can I expect?

    • Seriously trash! Libertarianism lives in even without Ron Paul. What a joke! Ron Paul for President 2012!!

      • Yes, it does live, and you don’t argue for anything, just chant. Planning on drinking the Kool-Aid anytime soon?

  2. Worthless.

  3. We do not worship false idols like some people worship Obama, etc or in “government’s goodness”. We believe in life, liberty, and property. Nuf said!

  4. Hey Lucien, yea i would love for the government to quit taking my money and give it to someone who doesn’t work. They all deserve it you know. If I just didn’t show up for work and got fired, I could collect unemployment, and have all the time i want to buy and sell drugs ( for two years baby). Woohooo. I can get high all day and bang a bunch of bitches…I mean girls They like to get high and bang to you know. Opps I just got them pregnant, What AM I Going to DOOO??? Wait wait, wecan have our babies and get on welfare….oooohhhh they got a visa welfare card now, oh thats hot. Wait, wait we’re having a baby out of wedlock, maybe we should just kill it. I mean get an abortion. God I love social programs, they help soooo much when I get in a jam. Don’t worry ya socialist pig, American is going your way anyway…to its own destruction.

    • Thank god, a person who is on the same page as Ron Paul. Most people will go against their natural inclination to be decent people to follow this guy. I’m glad to meet somebody who agrees word for word with his sexism and hypocrisy. Glad to meet somebody who is equally empowered and equally as ignorant as Paul.

  5. Does Ron Paul really favor the overturning of Roe / Wade ? I never heard this.

    • I put a link to an article where he said explicitedly that he is for the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

  6. Ron Paul is a hypocrite. Doesn’t want more government unless it’s crawling up my uterus. He’s also a bigot. The whole Libertarian movements lack of compassion for other human beings utterly disgusts me. Just more theocrats in action.

    • In my mind, the Libertarian position just seems to be “don’t take my money, don’t get in my way.” It’s selfish Ayn Randian objectivism at its worst. It’s self-serving garbage which blankets itself in the flag of “liberty” and say that is okay. I have no respect for it, nor do I have respect for Ron Paul. The fact that he seems to have been given Messiah status among his followers where his word is gospel is what troubles me the most about this guy.

  7. The writer is obviously a Marxist. I’ve had the past 47 years to watch us decline to the point we are in now, slowly and meticulously sliding closer to Socialism. FDR set the mark and since then we have progressively forged ahead. The Civil Rights Act and the Kerner Commission Report were death-nails. Since then we have groomed one generation after another to believe that the government, just another word for the taxpayer, somehow owes them something, that work ethic and self-responsibility are archaic trait qualities. The founders of the Frankfurt School were dead on correct in the American public gullibility.
    Ron Paul isn’t perfect, but he has been correct on where the country is heading. We don’t have any say in what happens. Our vote is as worthless as prayer , Those who run our country do not answer to us , but to corporations and lobbyist. The direction we are heading may sound appetizing to those who have swallowed this B.S., but when it actually arrives they will not enjoy the changes.
    The writer is either a Marxist or very ill-informed.

    • Oh, how the ignorant can sing about Marxism and Socialism in the same sentence and not understand how they are two different things. And you want to talk about how the public is gullible? You watch TV? Read any online news? Watch any of the major news networks? The public being made into idiots has been happening for years. George Carlin did a great bit about it ( Ron Paul is just another ignorant Christian fundamentalist who wants to turn America into trash. And if you really believe Ron Paul got this far without being a corporate lackey, then who is the real ignorant one here?

  8. Rarely watch TV. I know who owns the media and they enjoy telling folks what to think. Apparently your anger reflects that you are one of their attentive watchers. If you are going to write on matters of politics and don’t understand something as fundamental that Marxism is the ideology behind Communism, Socialism and Liberalism, then you really need to at least take a community college government class.
    It’s embarrassing , and this point is exactly reflective of what happens after gullible people accept what they are told by the elite. If you think that the Left in this country cares any more about you than the Right, you are mislead. They care about who feeds their pockets and unless you are doing the feeding, your just in it for the ride. AIPAC, which represents just 2% of our population, itself donates 65% of DNC and 55% of RNC contributions,. Why do you think we cater to every whim of Israel foreign policy demands ? Both sides have completely lost sight of what they were sent to DC to do and that is to represent us.
    I’m not a Tea Bagger , so I thought I’d save you the remark. I’m just looking at everything without political alliances and Ron Paul is the easiest to swallow. I do not agree with his positions on abortion and religious ideology, but as a moderately conservative Atheist, it is very hard to find anyone that I can fully agree with.

    • Okay, if you’re going to blather one about Marxism, you should know something – Karl Marx was the on TRUE Marxist. Not even the Soviets were Marxists. Their idea of Communism (big C, not little c) was just something to control people. Karl Marx didn’t even like it. My point here is that the Libertarian crowd seems to raise this man on a pedestal and ignore his foibles and his hypocrisies. Being against Roe v. Wade is NOT for small government. Being against the seperation of church and state is NOT small goverment. I think the whole system is screwed. It’s a rigged game, I know that, but I am honestly sick and tired of the Libertarian sheep just defending a man without acknowledging these facts! It makes them a bunch of hypocrits too!

  9. […] in his professional blog (he is a political commentator, and one of my favorites to read) about how Ron Paul is NOT the hero/savior/awesomeness/God/Jesus/whatever othe deity you can think of.  And how was his statement […]

  10. I agree with you in that many simply become attracted to a personality and block out what they disagree with.
    You and I probably don’t disagree on as much as we might think.
    The biggest problem the country probably has, is that most of them don’t care enough to question anything at all.
    You take care. I need to go workout . I’ll come back and try to catch your blogs from time to time.

    • Alright. You kind of opened with a strawman attack, so I came at this a little more angrily. I wouldn’t have as much of a problem with Ron Paul as I do if it weren’t for the fact that he just has his followers not thinking. If somebody understand his positions on things and still supports them, fine by me. Good for them. I just question. I don’t follow people blindly either. I question all of the candidates, and I am aware it’s all for show. But blind support is an area that I cannot abide. No matter what, I cannot abide it.

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