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The economy is heading very quickly in the wrong direction.  This is not a good thing, not in the slightest way.  America is now in a very precarious position and the future doesn’t look so good.  This whole thing about the economy and everything that is going on recently, it is just getting more and more confusing.  But a good source of information, and I did some more research on this, gave me a good bit about how things in this economy are.  Really, it is how things in this entire country are.  I will lay it out as it comes to me, as it is, because things are much more complicated than people think they are.

The whole debt ceiling debate was just opportunism from the Tea Party Republicans.  They realized that there is a President in office who is supported by nobody in any significant areas.  People think that Obama is weak, and there was a time when he could have fought harder, but the fact is that Obama has no significant support, and people aren’t seeing the whole picture.

I believe there was a time, a very brief time, when he could have at least done something, back when Democrats had control of Congress, both houses.  But now that time has passed, long since passed.  Back when people were going crazy at the end of 2010, when the Republicans took control of the House, a lot of liberals thought it was going to be the end of the world.  Everybody with a modicum of political knowledge knew that it would just be an ugly stalemate.

A friend of mine had a thought, about history and how things are, about why the liberal ideology has no real chance, unless something big turns around.  After losing Reagan in 1980, the conservative movement didn’t sit back, waiting for the next election.  They started at the bottom, infiltrating PTA’s, city councils.  They did the opposite of the bullshit idea of economics.  They let their campaign trickle up.  It has worked.  Now they have all the power brokers, all the power in this country.

I did a little research after he told me there.  It was compelling.  It is a brilliant strategy, and does put to bed some of the questions and fills in some of the missing pieces that I had had in my mind when I was thinking about the current state of things.  Conservativism means not accepting change, or quick change, depending on what dictionary you read.  This makes a lot of sense because they don’t want things to change.  Back in the fall of 2007, when it all came to a head, the Republicans wanted business as usual to resume because, for years, business as usual was good for everybody.  Everybody was rolling in money.  Who wouldn’t want that kind of lifestyle to continue?

What about the Democrats?  Did they do something similar?  Nope.  Not a chance.  After 2000, when they lost to Bush, they only sat back and licked their wounds.  They didn’t plan ahead for the future.  Some believe that the Democrats are simply lacking any significant political battle skills, and there is some truth to that.

As for me, what do I think?  The bit above is a friend’s theory.  The truth is somewhere between that and the prevailing theory among political commentators like myself that it is all a big plan of the rich.  The rich do have control of this nation, that has always been the truth.  But this little deal, the Tea Party Republicans, they are throwing a wrench in things.  Boehner apparently actually wanted to increase taxes while decreasing spending.  It was the Tea Party crowd who threw a wrench in the cogs of that.  Now, why Obama didn’t just decide to use his power under the 14th Amendment is a mystery that will probably never get solved.

In any case, the truth is in the middle of the conspiracy of the corporate machine and the evil manaical overlords, and the very careful and detailed plan by Republicans to get in a position where all the levers and gears are owned by their people, and the American public is none the wiser.

If that is the whole truth, then perhaps the Democrats need to start a similar undertaking.  One group apparently has this thought going on.  The idea to start at the ground up.  If it has worked before, it can work again.  Here is hoping that the American public will inevitably care about what happens in their future.  With the economy heading very quickly again in the wrong direction, people should start caring.

The truth is a very scarce commodity these days.

Peace out,



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