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Eli’s Review: L.A. Noire

Originally, I had only done reviews on my personal blog, but since I am looking to get into the media business, I think I will transfer that to here.  I am going to review one of the most singularly interesting video games that I have ever played.  I am a seeker of story.  No matter what form the story takes, I seek it out.  A good book, a good movie, a good TV show, or a good video game, great stories are what is the gap between what I like, and what I love.  L.A. Noire is a game that has instantly gone onto the place that I love, without hesitation.  This game has got to be one of the most original concepts that I have seen in a very long time.

The basic premise of this is that you are a cop in 1947 Los Angeles.  You returned home from World War II a hero, and now have decided to become a cop, trying to be a good person in a city where nothing is as it seems, and villainy is everywhere.  He tries to do right, to be a good person, no matter what.  Always do right, which sounds horribly cliche, but the main character, Cole Phelp’s naivety quickly goes away when he sees the world for what it is.

Every detail of this game is perfect.  The story is engaging and interesting.  The deceptions, shifting allegiances, a dedication to finding the truth, no matter the cost.  It keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time, not knowing what is coming up next.  I won’t say how it ends, I’ll leave that for you to decide.  But how it all unfolds is breath-taking.

This brings me to the special effects.  This game truly does what all the advertising said it would do.  It captures every detail of facial expression perfectly.  When you are interviewing or interrogating suspects, this comes in worlds of handy.  Another aspect that is so fun – how part of the interview you get right and wrong affect how it all plays out, and the case itself, in the end.  So much can happen with interviews, and everything is crucial.  You can believe that a person is telling the truth, doubt their statement, or say that they are outright lying (but you better have evidence to back up that one).  Choose wisely, because the wrong choice effects everything!

And of course, you get involved in some of the more dirty aspects of police work, like running down suspects, chasing suspects in your car, or even gunning them down when you have to.  Your character gets involved in some pretty ugly gunfights, and you have to be prepared, because you can’t take very many hits.  And sometimes you have to be ready to slug it out with somebody who wants to play dirty (yeah, you’d think you could just shoot them, but afraid not.  This isn’t Grand Theft Auto [grimaces at the idea.  Those games all sucked], here you have to play nice pretty often).

An aspect of the game that is fair warning to those who want to play is that these games don’t shy away from the ugly aspect of the job.  When you join homicide, you end up looking at dead bodies quite often.  Your character gets involved in a series of murders where women are killed and displayed, often naked, and you have to take apart the crime scene.  There is a lot of violence, blood, gore, and nudity in this game.  The irony of it all is that the nudity is never sexual.  It is always the crimes where it occurs.

Some say that the elements of the game get repetitive after a while, because you are doing the same thing over and over, but it is in the presentation that keeps it interesting, plus the fact that you go from department to department, from starting as a beat cop, to going to traffic, then homicide, the Vice, and finally ending up in arson.  You are taking apart vastly different kinds of crime scenes, and this requires a different way of thinking, because not only the kinds of crimes, but the motives for committing them all change with each kind of crime.

And no two crime is exactly alike.  While you are consistently taking apart crime scenes, the difference in evidence, the things you are looking for, and often what you find by accident can lead you to having a drastically different way of thinking when you go to interview persons of interests, and interrogate suspects.  A lot of this game and what makes it so fun is based on how one views things.  This game really was made for a story-seeker like me.  It is all about the motives, the thinking behind the crimes.  Sure, it is done in old-school noir style filmography and setting, but honestly, it is what you take away that matters most.  One could make that argument about most anything, of course, but still.

This game did have some glitches, and some elements did get a little repetitive, but honestly, it was the first of a kind (and I REALLY hope not the last of its kind, also), so that was to be expected.  The gameplay was fun, the driving chases were fun.  The shootouts were fun.  There really was nothing in any way overwhelmingly wrong with this game.  It was one of the most fun and definitely the most original concepts that I have gotten to see in a long time, and that is pretty impressive.

Final Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Peace out,


Republicans Say That People Can Just Die

There is a face that people need to learn.  They need to know this face in order to know what the true enemy is.  This is the face of a person who doesn’t care in the slightest about the people that are suffering right now.  This is a person who genuinely doesn’t care about all the hardship and pai nthat these people are facing, because it affects his bottom line negatively.  It is a chance to use to get more cuts that they want so badly, without even listening to those who say that all the cuts are pointless.  This is the face of a person who I seem to think genuinely hates the human race –

His name is Eric Cantor.  He is the current House Majority Leader.  He is a Republican, and he is the person who has said something that I honestly didn’t think that it was within the human vernacular to say after a disaster happens in America – that the government will not give disaster relief to these people unless the government decides to cut something else.

Unbelievable.  Absolutely, 100% unbelievable.  We have an elected official of this country actually saying that helping people is off the table unless they are given what they want.  This is the absolute worse case of hostage holding that has happened in this country in a very long time.  When the Bush Tax Cuts were up for debate, it happened.  When the budget for this year was up for debate, it happened, but this, this is worse on an entirely different scale.  this is bad in a way that Eric Cantor cannot hope to possibly explain in a way that doesn’t make him look like the absolute worse sort of monster who is sucking away at America’s heart.

What has happened in Joplin, Missouri is a tragedy.  The living and the dead are still coming out of the rubble.  This is a disater that it is genuinely terrible to write about.  Of course, the term disaster is thrown around a lot lately.  This is nothing like what has happened in Japan, but it is still a tragedy.  Tornadoes are a part of life that a pretty sizeable potion of this country has to live with.  It is a lot like Gulf states have to deal with hurricanes (don’t even get me started on how this government has failed the victims of Katrina).  So this isn’t exactly a new tragedy, but it is still awful.

But what Cantor has said is beyond heartless.  Heartless would be putting this in the nicest way possible.  It would be giving this person more credit than he could possibly deserve under the circumstances.  In these circumstances, this borders and mentally sick.  This borders on being twisted in a completely different way.  Nobody can say something like this and be kosher.  He even said, “We will not provide Joplin with disaster relief unless we cut something else.”  That’s it, plain as day.  No room for negotiation, no room for discussion, either you give us what we want, or we let people die.  And all of the Republicans who are joining this monster’s bandwagon are just as sick, just as heartless.

The last couple of years have seen a rather disturbing trend among the conservative elements of this country.  They seem to repeatedly, and without mercy, hold the middle and lower class of this country hostage in order to get their way.  They did that when the Bush Tax Cuts were up for renewal.  I remember when Obama finally caved on that.  I stand with Keith Olbermann is saying that I think he capitulated, and he shouldn’t have and didn’t have to.  But he did.

And the Republican Party figured something out – that they could hold the public hostage and get away with it.  Wht an absolutely twisted sentiment that is.  It is not only twisted, it is also sick.  It is just plain disgusting how this kind of brutal and thuggish tactic is used.  Lee Doren, a conservative mouthpiece, called the protestors in Wisconsin thugs, but look at what the Congressional Republicans are doing right now, and there you have real “thuggery” as Steven Crowder (a conservative “comedian”) said.

These Republicans, and the master that they serve (big business) don’t seem to care in the slightest about who they use, what they do, or the tactics they employ in order to get what they want.  And it is time for the Democrats to call them out.  The Democrats seem to constantly back down from a fight.  They never want to fight it out for the causes they supposedly believe in, because they believe that that is not what the government is supposed to be doing.  They are absolutely right, but the fact is that a fight is what they have.  A fight is what is happening right now, and it cannot be avoided.  If only it could be.  If only it were possible for modern government not to be a battleground, but it isn’t.  And these tactics are the ones that the supposed champions of the people are using to get their way.  That is all they want.

These little tantrums that Cantor throws are so hopelessly pathetic.  And Cantor himself, and all those who think like him, are mosnters, because they are pretty much saying that everybody can just up and die unless the Democrats will play by his rules.  You’re a terrible person, Cantor, and I wish you had the ability to understand just how awful a person you actually are.

Peace out,


The Death of Free-Thinking Education

A rather interesting issue was raised recently in the news.  There was a student named Damon Fowler.  He lives in what is called the “Bible Belt” of the United States.  He was a student at Bastrop High School in Louisiana.  He is an atheist.  When his graduation was coming up, Damon decided to raise an issue that he had with the ceremony.  He was upset that they had a prayer at graduation, and wanted it to be removed from the ceremony.  Since this is a public school, he was well within his rights to make that request.  In all honesty, this shouldn’t have been part of a public school’s ceremony to begin with.  Damon wasn’t asking for special treatment by the school officials, just omit an event.  That’s not too much to ask.

However, this brings a rather unpleasant issue to light – majority being taught as the rule.  It is something that is seen constantly on various elements of this country – having the majority be right, and the minority be wrong.  Fox News makes an example of the minority groups all the time.  Does anybody remember Glenn Beck’s little campaign against the group ACORN?  The conservative elements of this country seem absolutely bent on making the majority the rule, and quashing opposing opinion.

It happens time and time again in this country.  Conservatives say that those who don’t agree with them are “un-American” or “unpatriotic.”  It recently appeared again in the discussion of renewing The Patriot (Unconstitutional) Act.  Those who opposed it were met with vitrial and scorn by the conservatives. (See

The very idea of having a differing opinion in this country seems to be so unbelievably awful to conservative elements.  Bill O’Reilly talks repeatedly about how challenging conservative ideas makes you a terrorist (*cough*Bradley Manning*cough*).  Any group that actively opposes that status quo, like Wikileaks or Anonymous are called terrorists and should be killed.  Another rather terrifying aspect of this is how the conservative community often has the idea of killing people as a means of stopping different opinions (Joyce Kaufman, anybody?).

The conservative community seems bent on not having differing opinions and not having people express them.  And the campaigns against those who express anything they don’t like is almost ruthless.  Does anybody remember Shirley Sherrod?  Fox News jumped on her bandwagon so fast that it made most people’s heads spin.  If you are against the Patriot Act, you are a terrorist.  I absolutely hate the argument in the worst way that if you aren’t a terrorist, you have nothing to hide.  That is so hopelessly degrading that it should make more people sick.

There was a clip today from Lawrence O’Donnell’s show, The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell where he talked about the stupidity of the conservative campaign against socialism (if only a third of them, or a quarter, or an eighth knew what socialism actually was, maybe it would be a true debate in this country) and how Bill O’Reilly actually said something true for once in his career (See:

But back to Damon Fowler.  Even after he approached the school administration first with his grievances, giving them the benefit of the doubt and a chance to do the right thing.  It was after he went to them that he approached the ACLU.  But even after the school decided to take the prayer out of their graduation ceremony, a young woman who was speaking at the graduation decided to get up and to make a stand against the supposed threat to her freedom, by saying the Lord’s Prayer and encouraging the audience to join in.

This issue is important and shed a rather disturbing light on the American education system.  Maybe we can chalk it up to just being a Louisiana thing, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.  What she was saying here is that she was the victim.  The girl said, flat-out, that she “couldn’t go on” unless she could pray to her God.  Does that mean that she was going to kill herself?  That is pretty serious, but also just strange.  It is strange how the overwhelming majority of this country acts like they are somehow the victims of some kind of crime against them.  The overwhelming majority is acting like victims, being abused by the minority.

This is genuinely disturbing because it seems now that the message that is being put out there by conservative elements is – don’t challenge the status quo, don’t question, don’t voice your opinions, just let the majority rule and not be challenged.  It seems to have escaped the notice of conservative elements in this country that all the major changes that have happened in America have been the result of a determined minority who was dedicated to change.

Our students are supposed to be being taught that they are supposed to think for themselves, and to act on their beliefs and to challenge the status quo.  If this country starts genuinely telling our students to do the opposite, then America is doomed.  Not metaphorically, but literally doomed to failure.  Advances into the future are caused by people who are willing to speak up.  If nobody is left talking, who will be left to listen?

Peace out,


A Question to Ron Paul and To Libertarians

Okay, after seeing some of the statements by people like Ron Paul, and listening to various libertarian elements, I have one question that I would like to ask – How many freedoms have you lost?

It’s not a difficult question.  The lack of the libertarians ability to answer the question does leave some questions.  I have talked to countless libertarians who are completely angry at our country over offenses that have not occured.  I like how Bill Maher put it, “people who think that the freedoms in this country are going away should be forced to watch the new Jackass movie.”  That is the absolute truth.  What exactly is the contention?

The only real loss of freedom that has happened in this country in a very long time was when The Patriot Act came into play.  Now that was when freedom was actually being hindered.  Of course, a very large part of the libertarian party was very silent.  Of course, there was Ron and Rand Paul who were vocally against it.  Of all the people who claim to be Libertarian, those two actually seem to stand by their message, although, like almost every single other libertarian, they seem to get a crucial definition of a concept that they claim to be against dead wrong.

Let’s clear up a critical misconception right now- the Founding Fathers were not against socialism.  In fact, they were very much in favor of it, but only for crucial functions.  Of course, like so many things that people who claim that the Constitution is completely correct about everything simply because something is in there, there were not a lot of crucial functions for government to serve, mostly because the technological and scientific knowledge wasn’t there.  We didn’t have a police force like we do today.  There was no fire department back in those days even remotely resembling the modern capacity.  We didn’t have medical help the way we do now.  These things just didn’t exist.  But the Founding Fathers were against public ownership of crucial services.

And that is another thing- socialism does not mean the government owns everything!  Socialism actually means quite the opposite.  It means that there is a collective public ownership of a service of business.  It means that the power is being taken away from the government and being given to the people.  This is critical to understand because groups like Fox News and conservative and libertarian groups continually and mercilessly misrepresent things.  The fact is that true socialism takes power away from the government, rather than giving it to them, as the common belief is on the Fox Network.  There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with a system, but if you are going to have a case to present, at least have your facts straight.

However, it does take away from the capitalist market.  However, this is another ugly misrepresentation.  The idea that the free market can take care of itself is a gross overstatement of things that have been proven by intellectual and economists to be false.  The free market taking care of itself has never been true.  If it had been, then there would never have been a recession during Reagan’s (the false conservative prophet of foolishness) time in the 80’s, and there certainly wouldn’t have been one as there is now.  The “trickle-down” model has NEVER worked, not once.  The Milton Friedman model has never worked.

The fact is that the only proven method of economic growth is a very precise mix of capitalism and socialism.  It is not an exact science, and it must be rigorously maintained.  That is the only way that it works.  And it is with that in mind that the statement can be made that free market capitalism is a farce.

Now, onto another topic.  Ron Paul recently said that it should be perfectly alright for a business to be able to tell a group of people that they are no allowed to shop there.  He is basically in favor of segregation.  His reasoning is because it is enfringing on the freedom of a business.  That may be true, but in what way?  They are not free to tell people that they don’t have a right to shop with them?  That’s interesting, because isn’t it infringing on the rights of people who are shopping by telling them that they can’t shop at your store?  Aren’t you getting in the way of capitalism by telling a group of peopel that they are not allowed to do business at your institution?  You are taking away from a person’s rights, and therefore, Ron Paul, your argument is taking away people’s liberties.  Interesting, isn’t it?

The fact is that the libertarian position is more childish than anything.  They don’t want to be taxed, they don’t want to be told no.  They tend to throw tantrums when people tell them what to do, because in so many of their minds’, it is wrong for anybody in power to tell them to do anything.

The Founding Fathers were against the government having too much power.  But they found this really cool away around that.  It is called “checks and balances.”  All three of the major areas of government have power over one-another, and therefore, the government is kept in check, or at least, it was supposed to be.  The fact is that the bulk of the libertarian movement came to focus during President Obama’s time.  Back when Bush was stripping away people’s right to privacy and their 4th Amendment rights, they were remarkably silent.  These people are not left or right of anything but helpful, and rather than try and fix the system, the choose to stand apart from it.  A lot of people would probably be on their side, were it not for the fact that they ignore the basic principles of different terms, and ignore evidence given by intelligent people about topics that are over their heads.

Government is made by people listening to the smart, not ignoring and saying no.

Peace out,


PS – here’s an article that can say it better than I –

Depending on the Constitution

There are a lot of issue that nobody really thinks about too heavily anymore that are not talked about in the American zeitgeist.  Or rather, they are talked about, but they are not given the attention that they deserve because people want to make the problem simpler, and what’s more, they want to make the problem go away.  They don’t want to think too heavily about it, because they don’t want to admit that there is a problem.  That part of the issue makes sense to me.  The world is a hopelessly complicated place.  Everybody wants everything to be simpler.  Look at organized religion, and tell me I’m wrong.  But the fact is that things aren’t simple.  Things are actually very complicated, and there is a problem with that.

My friend, and fellow political person, John Aronno, once said that there was a time in this country (the 90’s.  I know, ancient history) when things that actually matter could be talked about in government.  You could talk about gay marriage, gun legislation, legalizing pot.  You could talk about these things.  But John also pointed out how the new strategy of the conservative party (the Republicans) in this country is to bring legislation to the table that is so unbelievably insane that the liberal community is constantly forced to fight back to keep the insane from being turned into law (I’m talking to you, South Dakota, with your proposed legislation to kill abortion providers!).

The reason that I bring this up is because there is an argument that is used in this country that is horribly used.  The fact is that it has been used too often.  The argument is the one that “it’s in the Constitution, therefore, it is absolutely correct.”  A lot of people are not going to like this reporter, but the fact is that this needs to be talked about.  The fact is that the Constitution is not a complete infallible work of genius that isn’t open to interpretation.

Ex-governor Jesse Ventura once said, when he was asked on Joy Behar’s show on CNN, “…the Constitution says they can do it, it ends there!”  This is a huge logical fallacy.  This is a really ugly logical fallacy that people need to start understanding why it is so ugly, instead of just burying their head in the sand and saying “la-la-la, I can’t hear you!  The Constitution is backing me up, so I can’t hear you!”

See the above image, that is the way the people who only want to view the Constitution as never needing to be examined tend to view life.  This issue came up again after the shooting of Gabby Giffords.  She was gunned down by a crazed man who had an extended magazine and not only did he nearly kill the congresswoman, he killed a judge, and a small child.  I love the quote that Lawrence O’Donnell had, “I blame the individual for the first ten bullets.  I blame the law for the next 21.” 

After her shooting, the NRA quickly got up in arms about how there should be not talk of gun legislation in the wake of that event.  There was a lot of chest-thumping and things to be said from people like “the Constitution gives us the right to bear arms!”  There have been a ton of signs about that with the bigoted Tea Party protests.  Joyce Kaufman, said once, “I am convinced that the most important thing the Founding Fathers did to ensure me First Amendment rights was they gave me a Second Amendment.”  The hopeless ignorance in that is overwhelming.  Of course, she subsequently said, “if ballots won’t work, bullets will.”  (what a great way to encourage democracy, talk about killing people)

The Constitution of the United States of America is not a perfect document, ladies and gentlemen.  It is far from a perfect document.  People who want to believe it as infallible are people who are just looking to be used.  Granted, it is an amazing document.  You couldn’t get all the people in our government right now to be able to create a document like it.  But the problem is that it isn’t a perfect document.

Let’s examine the Second Amendment, for a moment.  If I were to interpret the Second Amendment loosely enough, I should be able to own an ICBM on my property, if I can afford it (an ICBM is an Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile, for those of you who don’t know).  I have the right to bear arms.  So, I should be able to have that.  And let’s also examine this- do you know what arms was back in the days of the Founding Fathers?  Arms in those days was a musket that had no range, barely any accuracy.  It was a hopelessly cumbersome weapon that anybody could have, but few could make very useful.

The Founding Fathers had no idea what a weapon was.  They had no idea what today’s firearms look like!  They wouldn’t know what to do with a concept of a 30-round magazine!  The fact is that the Constitution suffers from something that many films suffer from- age.

Let’s look at a different law.  It used to be, back when there was still slavery in this country, that a slave counted as 3/5 of a person.  That’s right, black Americans, you used to be regarded as 3/5 of a person, once upon a time.  Can you imagine if somebody tried to propose something like that today?!  There would be all manners of chaos breaking out in the street!  It would be insanity of the worst kind! 

So, when you are defending a position, like building an Islamic community center in New York City near the site of Ground Zero, or when you are going to talk about keeping extended magazines on the shelves and have it be 17 cents to kill a politician in this country, don’t use the Constitution as your own defense of your position.  The fact is that that is ignorance.  It is not having to think too deeply and not having to defend yourself too vigorously, while you pretend to be knowledgable about something.  That kind of thinking is not good, for either the liberals or the conservatives.

Peace out,


The American Audience and Films

Well, with 2010 having passed, there is a very sincere question that people need to be asking- what is the next year of film going to be like?  2010 was a great year for intelligent cinema.  There were so many great movies.  Of course, greatness is a completely subjective term, but in my eyes, it was a great year for cinema.  All of the films that got big praises were loved by this particular critic.  There was The Social Network, which was one of the best-written films that I have ever seen.  There was Inception, which once again proves that Christopher Nolan is trule a great director.  In fact, let’s take this year apart piece by piece, because you don’t get many good years for intelligent big blockbuster cinema.  It is a true rarity, and we can make a point about this by dissecting the great elements in film.

Let’s start with Inception, which is tied for my favorite film of 2010.  It has proven what a truly fantastic director Christopher Nolan really is.  This is a guy who has proven beyond any form of doubt that it is possible to have an action movie be intellectually stimulating.  For crying out loud, this guy was able to make Batman intellectuallly stimulating!  I didn’t think that was possible!  The film Inception was an artful masterpiece combining rich characters with fantastical worlds and awesome fight scenes.  It was engaging, tragic, and beautiful, and like so many of Nolan’s movies, it left the audience with questions.  All great film should keep one thinking after the film is done.

The next film that was tied for the best of 2010 was The Social Network.  This film was another demonstration of Aaron Sorkin’s great talent for writing dialogue.  That was the best single part of this film- the dialogue.  Sorkin is second to one other great director when it comes to good dialogue- Quentin Tarantino.  Nobody can watch the film Reservoir Dogs and not credit Tarantino with being able to write great dialogue.  That whole film was telling a story through dialogue, and it was done well.  With The Social Network, this concept was put to use again.  It was well-acted, with some of the most compelling lines that have ever been.  Great film must have characters who compel you to remain interested, and great dialogue that never ceases to entertain.

A film that is an old concept that was shined up was Black Swan.  This film was a rather interesting take on the concept of questioning reality.  Of course, this is in no way a unique kind of film.  Films about the truth behind reality are very common.  This film distinguishes itself by having a compelling character, a unique life situation, and a fantastical element that makes itself known at the end of the film.  The dual-nature of innocence and corruption were explored very well, and it was a very powerful film.

2010 was just a great year for major blockbusters, and with the summer closing in on us, people must keep in mind that it is rare for so many big-name blockbusters to be so good.  There is a rather unpleasnat problem with big productions in this country- more often than not, they suck.  Look at the Transformers series.  How did Michael Bay screw this up?  It is the simplest concept on Earth.  You have two forces of robots who can become vehicle, and they are beating the snot out of one-another.  It’s a simple concept, and if Bay had kept it at that, it would have been a great movie.  But no, that wasnt’ what happened. 

The American audience has a very bad habit of being completely fine with accepting crappy film in this country.  The perfect example is with two films that came out in the same year.  The first was a Swedish film called Let the Right One In.  This film was a true masterpiece that showcased the rather unpleasant side of humanity.  It was about two young people (who were actually believably young, by the way) who find the ability to heal one-another’s wounds.  It is a story of teenage vampire romance.  Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, but somehow, the Swedish were able to accomplish making one of the best films that this critic has ever seen.  It is one of those films that reminds us why we watch films.

The other film was the hackneyed piece of commercial garbage, Twilight.  There was a girl in one of my journalism classes who said that this film rewrote that “chick flick” genre.  There wasn’t a single intellectually stimulating moment in this entire film.  It was the most nullodramatic (I would like to thank TJ Kincaid with coining that term).  It was a piece of garbage.  Like the previous film, it was also about teenage vampire romance (although it was clear that neither of these characters was a teenager), but unlike the previously mentioned film, this piece of commercial crap wasn’t able to bring a single substantive message to the screen in any way.  It is easy to understand why teen girls loved it- a girl moves to a new town, and on her first day- every guy wants to do her, every girl wants to be her friend, and she meets the love of her life (who is a creep stalker that glitters in sunlight).  It is easy to get why the teen and tween girl market just loves that film, but the fact is that it is garbage.

These two films highlight a deeper question to society- why is it that when we are presented with something of artistic merit, we choose to shun that for pure crap?  Twilight, and all of the subsequent sequels, are nothing but T&A films for chicks.  That is all they are.  They are films so that girls can ogle cute guys and dream about being with them (even if the guy is a creepy pale stalker who openly admits to killing other people and wanting to kill her).  Guys have this problem too, of course, which is the reason that the Transformers series did so well.  Show Megan Fox’s breasts bouncing along in slow motion and you will have a film that gets you millions of dollars.  It is a sad but true fact about America’s current film industry.

And what’s more, it is pathetic.  Let the Right One In didn’t rake in nearly as much money as Twilight, and it was infinitely better than the other.  What is wrong with American audiences?  The film Avatar only did well because of the breathtaking special effects.  The plot was so hopelessly dry and cliche that it was beyond sad.  A film can have breathtaking special effects and be intellectually stimulating.  Case and point- Inception.  This film was a very great message, and most people probably don’t even notice.  It was kind of funny, when I went to see that movie, a bunch of girls exited when I did and were all confused, not understanding what happened at all.  I knew it was good then (like I didn’t know before). 

Film can be better, if people want it to be.  People have to start demanding something better.  That is just my opinion, anyway.

Peace out,


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